A PacSun Preview!

Hi guys! On location at Saddlerock Ranch, California, we talk abuot the inspiration behind our exclusive collection with PacSun. Sign up at pacsun.com/kendall&kylie for early shopping access before our line launches on Feb. 8th!

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  1. Marina Diklić |  Posted at 12:02 pm Jan 25th

    you anre so smart,sweet and beautiful <3

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      ccdd |  Posted at 12:36 pm Jan 25th

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      jenniar56 |  Posted at 1:19 pm Jan 25th

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  2. Natalia Paola |  Posted at 12:34 pm Jan 25th

    They look so excited!

    • Natalia Paola |  Posted at 11:25 am Jan 28th

      in case anyone didn’t notice, that was sarcasm.

  3. Axel Blomgren |  Posted at 2:46 pm Jan 25th

    Follow me on instagram, hugowilliamberglin puss <3

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    amelk |  Posted at 3:05 am Jan 26th

    i´m so excited! I live in Sweden so i hope i can buy some of your clothes on their webside…. :)

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    alisha111 |  Posted at 5:05 am Jan 26th

    OMG I just watched the video, I love it. Can’t wait til the 8th February 2013. I live in the U.K so I am going to buy the clothes online hopefully!!! :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo Alisha (Northern Ireland U.k)

  6. Paola Bratonja |  Posted at 4:00 am Jan 31st

    omg! *-*

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