Behind The Scenes at Our ‘Seventeen’ Cover Shoot

Kendall Kylie Jenner Exclusive Behind Scenes Video Seventeen

Come behind the scenes with Kylie and I at our Seventeen Magazine cover shoot in this exclusive video! We had such a fun time together at the shoot. Everyone was so nice, the clothes were amazzzing and Kim even stopped by to support us. I am so lucky to be able to do shoots like this with my sister.

A huge thanks to everyone who showed up to our signing in Santa Monica yesterday. You guys are the BEST!!

Watch the behind the scenes video here!!!

You can also check out more exclusives on Seventeen’s website and official Facebook page.

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  1. alice.27 |  Posted at 3:34 pm Aug 3rd

    LOOVEEE the video! <3 you girls are stunning, gorgeous, bright, kind and perfect!! good luck with the rest of your modelling career! you girls are my inspiration! never stop!! and replying to my message would be a dream come true:) <3 -Alice xx

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      Pavy |  Posted at 2:11 am Aug 24th

      Loved the video it was so cool i loved the clothes and shoes.

  2. Haidee De Fraine |  Posted at 7:52 am Aug 4th

    You two looked lovely and the shoot looked so much fun

    www. haideeandco.blogspot .com

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    ST |  Posted at 6:55 am Aug 6th

    congratsss gurls.. ummm cute cute outfits. esp the red one. love ya’ :)

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    missemily908 |  Posted at 7:34 am Aug 6th

    Higirls ilove you girls in seventeenmagine ilove magazine iread this magazine you guys look amazing

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    1997kdashjennerlover4ever |  Posted at 9:33 am Aug 6th

    So excited to read this issue of seventeen!!!

  6. Hugh Boulware |  Posted at 3:14 pm Aug 11th

    yo wazup kylie i think ur mad chill u got the best job ever plz reply me and my friend want to settle a bet

  7. Hugh Boulware |  Posted at 3:15 pm Aug 11th

    btw happy bday

  8. avatar
    emmmmaaaaa xx |  Posted at 6:15 am Aug 24th

    you girls are such an inspiration to me!!! Congrats on the photoshoot <3 xxxxx

  9. hania17 |  Posted at 1:16 am Aug 26th

    Your dresses looks so nice :)

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    Helena Fryer |  Posted at 8:38 am Aug 28th

    you two are so pretty! you are both my inspirtation to me xo

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    CaitlinM |  Posted at 12:55 am Sep 12th

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh loveyou so much girlies oxox

  12. Oc Breezy Pittet |  Posted at 2:24 pm Oct 1st

    Trop Belle <3 !!!!! =D

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    shortylove29 |  Posted at 1:24 pm Oct 10th

    you guys are amazing i hope i could meet yall one day

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    kanea |  Posted at 5:02 pm Oct 20th

    hey are my role modle plus i am in modleing class already

  15. abhishek weerasinghe |  Posted at 10:25 pm Nov 2nd

    hot cool cute u 2 r everything hot sis

  16. Julia Magalhaes |  Posted at 6:37 am Dec 5th

    kendall is like me,we could be sisters !!!!!!1

  17. Julia Magalhaes |  Posted at 6:37 am Dec 5th

    kendall is like me,we could be sisters !!!!!!

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