Behind the Scenes of Our Christmas Card Shoot

Hey guys. Just wanted to share a few cute pics from our Christmas Card shoot that we did at our house with the whole fam and Nick Saglimbeni. It’s always so fun when everyone gets together for these things!

Merry Christmas, everyone! What are you all doing to celebrate?! XO, Kendall & Kylie

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    Tayyz |  Posted at 8:12 am Dec 23rd

    You both look AMAZING! and the card looks so good! :) I Hope you have a great Christmas, filled with joy! :)

  2. DanielKardashian |  Posted at 10:32 am Dec 23rd

    LOVE IT!

  3. avatar
    cassidyhendrick |  Posted at 11:53 am Dec 23rd

    merry christmas! the pics are stunning :)

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    lizgal66 |  Posted at 12:26 pm Dec 23rd

    so pretty! there is something special about you kylie… i cant put my finger on it but u are gorgeous!

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    peacelovejessica |  Posted at 3:48 pm Dec 23rd i made this for you guys ! merry christmas and i hope you have an amazing holiday. may your new years be filled with health, happiness, and joy. <3

  6. JeffKeitel |  Posted at 6:58 pm Dec 23rd

    That is one crazy cool christmas card, I wish my parents did something like that.

  7. avatar
    Alicia |  Posted at 8:41 pm Dec 23rd

    you guys look amazing as always

  8. SineadKuyan |  Posted at 9:11 pm Dec 23rd

    i love all of these photos, you all look amazing beautiful in all of them! jealous

  9. KKjennerlove |  Posted at 7:31 am Dec 24th

    SO gorgeous!

  10. Australia1996 |  Posted at 7:44 am Dec 24th

    super cute!

  11. Beyondkash |  Posted at 12:37 pm Dec 25th

    You girls are gorgeous <3 Merry Christmas

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    aleksandra |  Posted at 1:49 pm Dec 25th

    Could you tell me if you have had your hair straightened permanently ?

  13. avatar
    Tara |  Posted at 2:57 pm Dec 25th

    Those pics were like totally cool. Congrats on your bday kendall. Merry christmas. I have always wanted to model but don’t have the chance too…*sigh* u looked really professional and cute. I am jealous that u got a range rover though…. Always wanted one.

  14. avatar
    kardashianforever |  Posted at 2:21 pm Dec 26th

    girls I love both of u, you are fabulous. I want to meet you, but i live in argentina :(

  15. avatar
    Bodiebabe14 |  Posted at 8:56 am Dec 29th

    Who won the giftbag!!!??

  16. avatar
    thsmith94 |  Posted at 1:55 pm Jan 2nd

    Aye the Kardashians/
    #1 in Fashion/Straight D-D-Dashinn/
    Kims booty is like a Latin/Saw Kim at the venetian,New Year Orgasms/
    Saw mama kris too her bodys still packin,smashin/So Outstanding/
    Younger every day,Beauty everlastin/These girls are your expansion/
    Lights,camera,Action/Im almost 18,be with Kendall,i could Imagine/
    Say it with Passion/Now Read the caption/
    Rob and Lamar i’ll beat at Madden/I’ll protect you,no more assassins/
    My dad passed left me with big bank transactions/
    You girls thirsty heres a Gallon/Want a house,buy you 3 mansions/
    Seek a car,cruise in my Phantom/Let me be Kendalls companion~
    Kendall is gorgeous and its worth me taking time to do this with a possible response.girl i’v gotta give you a ticket,cuz you’ve got FINE written all over put my # but i dont want prank me

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    anitam |  Posted at 4:57 pm Jan 3rd

    HI kendall and kylie ! am analucia i am from colombia I’m fan of kipping up with the kardashiand pleas comment back in my blog

  18. missjenner |  Posted at 12:13 pm Jan 5th

    omg i love your family, lol! Love you both and you were so beautiful ^!

  19. Angelica Fonseca |  Posted at 3:45 pm Jan 6th

    “It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.”- Confucius

  20. avatar
    jess.kardashians101 |  Posted at 6:56 pm Jan 8th

    you two are beautiful ! <3 xo

  21. Jaimeexox |  Posted at 9:51 pm Jan 8th

    Hi girls, i just want to let you know how inspirational and motivating you are to young girls all around the world, especially me and my group of friends. The way you give back to people in need has shown the world how giving and loving you two must be, and how much youve accomplished in the way of careers is more than most adults would accomplish in a lifetime, and its really inspiring to see. I wish you girls best of luck for the future, and have fun!

    xox Jaimee, 14 years, xox

  22. Chikken Parmizjana |  Posted at 7:58 pm Feb 9th

    This photo is amazzzziiiinnnnggggg

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