Behind the Scenes of Our New Shoot!

Kendall Kylie Jenner Behind Scenes Nick Saglimbeni Video

BIG NEWS: here is the behind the scenes video of our shoot with @NickSaglimbeni! The pics are comin sooner than u think!

Watch the video here!

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    loveyoukendallandkylie |  Posted at 12:44 pm Mar 27th

    This photoshoot looks amazing, I cannnot wait to see the pictures!
    Please may you check out my fashion blog, I really want to get it out there and for more people to notice it :) Thank you, It would mean a lot. xxx

    • Victoria Daudu |  Posted at 12:50 pm Mar 27th

      Luv ur pic,pls help me

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    loveyoukendallandkylie |  Posted at 12:45 pm Mar 27th
  3. avatar
    mikki_mccann |  Posted at 1:33 pm Mar 27th

    soooo cuteee you guys look amazing <3 xxxxxxxxxxx

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    mara_dashdoll |  Posted at 1:39 pm Mar 27th

    Totally love, you guys look so beautiful! xo

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    sammie.07 |  Posted at 2:14 pm Mar 27th

    You guys are way too funny and nice. Lol at Kendall – The wind really didn’t give your hair a chance did it?

  6. Australia1996 |  Posted at 9:16 am Mar 31st

    what a cute vid

  7. Kdoll |  Posted at 9:11 am Apr 2nd

    You look like twins. And i love it!!!!!

  8. avatar
    tiana jenner |  Posted at 9:49 am Apr 4th

    i love u guys sooooooooo much

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    Morgan |  Posted at 7:43 pm Apr 7th

    need fashion or beauty advice check out my blog!

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    Mallie |  Posted at 6:24 pm May 3rd

    Ewwww that hair!

  11. avatar
    ancisol2000 |  Posted at 7:08 am May 27th


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    serena301amy |  Posted at 8:02 pm Jun 20th

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  13. avatar |  Posted at 10:26 pm Jul 17th

    Love the vids:)

  14. Kylieisthebest |  Posted at 3:03 pm Jul 21st

    Wow kendall looks so different cant even recognize her!!

  15. avatar
    asap_monroe |  Posted at 7:20 pm Sep 21st


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