Big Day on Facebook!

  • Kendall Jenner in Sunglasses and Snapback on Instagram
  • Kendall Jenner Smiles in Sunglasses on Instagram
  • Kendall Jenner with Red Lipstick on Instagram
  • Kendall Jenner Peace and Smiles in Instagram Picture
  • Kendall Jenner Kiss to Fans on Instagram

Kendall and Kylie Jenner in Cute Instagram Pic

OMG I just saw that my Facebook page has reached over 1 million ‘Likes.’ This is crazy! Thank you all so much for supporting me and checking out my page. I love sharing my pics and updates with you all. Love u guys!

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    1. Eden Malimovka |  Posted at 1:23 pm Aug 16th

      OMG So happy for you!!!

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      sarahgrace28 |  Posted at 1:25 pm Aug 16th

      Kendalllllll and Kylieeee I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH

    3. Ivan Juresko |  Posted at 1:33 pm Aug 16th

      u r crazy! so call me maybe! <3 ;DD
      greetings from Croatia ;*

    4. avatar
      romance09 |  Posted at 2:05 pm Aug 16th

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    5. Ernest Leiataua |  Posted at 3:55 pm Aug 16th

      oh cool you two looks nice

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      Erikk |  Posted at 7:41 pm Aug 17th

      Congrats!! I’m sure you’ll reach 2 million on Facebook soon than later as well.

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      ST |  Posted at 12:49 am Aug 18th

      congratsss ahh u both so gorgeous

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      Bory |  Posted at 2:32 pm Aug 20th

      Ohh that’s so cool, congrats!!

    9. avatar
      Chellexo |  Posted at 6:59 pm Aug 20th

      pretty!! x

    10. Kylie Jenner |  Posted at 5:17 am Aug 21st

      Thanks everyone!! ❤

    11. Jennifer Ford |  Posted at 8:15 am Sep 21st

      I love u guys so much. U guys remind me of when I was ur age. Man that just makes me sound really old, lol. Only 29. lol. Had to put that out their. But congrats to u both on having a million likes.

    12. Jessica Marie |  Posted at 2:23 pm Oct 11th

      Wow!! Kourtney & Kim all over again!! Beautiful!<3

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