Birthday Bagel for the Birthday Girl

Kylie Jenner Birthday Sweet 16 Kendall Jenner

Happy birthday to my sisterKendall! I love you so much! #16swag

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    Abi |  Posted at 11:18 am Nov 3rd

    HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN Kendall!!! You are officially the same age as me!! My birthday is Nov 22nd so we are both Scorpio’s!!! xoxo (ScorpioSWAG!)

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      Abi |  Posted at 11:19 am Nov 3rd

      Hope you have an amazing day!xx

    • lifeluvr |  Posted at 4:13 pm Nov 3rd

      Happy B-day Kendal!!! Oh nd #SWEET16 luvs you guys <3

    • @Kardash_ireland |  Posted at 5:17 pm Nov 3rd

      Hi Kylie

      That was so sweet. I hope she has a great day. I think she has really come in to her self in the last few years from what we see on the show. I wish her a great year and I am sure she will get it..

      Some of her fans and I made her this video so if you see this comment it would mean the world to me if you should it to her.. I woorked really hard on it as I do with all the fan videos i make for you family.. <3

      Happy Birthday Kendall

      Leanne xxx

  2. KKjennerlove |  Posted at 11:45 am Nov 3rd

    Happy sweet sixteen Kendall!! love you sooo much girl!

  3. Mre Shadydj |  Posted at 11:49 am Nov 3rd

    Happy Birthday Kendall! Have a Great Sweet 16!

  4. URSULA |  Posted at 12:13 pm Nov 3rd

    Happy Birthday kendall I adore you you and all your family and so I am French so it’s really hard for me to write all the big kiss signed: URSULA <3

  5. Eric Mackey |  Posted at 12:32 pm Nov 3rd

    Happy B-Day baby sis my baby sis is a lady now :) love you sis from your big brother Prince Eric

  6. missjenner |  Posted at 12:35 pm Nov 3rd

    Happy Birthday Kendall!!! made something for you on my tumblr,, its not very good, sorry ): love youuu

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    Maggsworth |  Posted at 12:55 pm Nov 3rd

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i hope ur sweet 16 is as wonderful as you hoped.

  8. LoLa |  Posted at 12:58 pm Nov 3rd

    Happy Birthday Kendal you’re such a sweet and lovely girl and I adore you hope you have a great day with your family and friends x

  9. Josefina Hyvärinen Niska |  Posted at 1:07 pm Nov 3rd

    Happy birthday Kendall!! :D


  10. Emiily' Mendoza |  Posted at 2:00 pm Nov 3rd

    Sweet 16 <3 Have A Amazing Birthday Lovee You!

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    annabelliee babyy |  Posted at 3:32 pm Nov 3rd

    Happy sweet Sixteen Kendall!!!! I hope you’ve had a kendalliscious Birthday and got everything you hoped for on this special day :) Best wishes for the future!!
    Much love to you and all the family xxxxxx :D

  12. valinstyle |  Posted at 5:37 pm Nov 3rd

    happy sweet sixteen!!!! hope that you have a wonderful day xo

  13. madelinerose_ |  Posted at 7:56 pm Nov 3rd

    Happy sweet 16th birthday Kendall! Have a great day, beautiful! <3 :)

    • Australia1996 |  Posted at 8:52 pm Nov 4th

      omg your 16 Kendall you can drive lucky u

  14. Australia1996 |  Posted at 10:51 pm Nov 3rd

    happy birthday Kendall Jenner hope you had fun time.

  15. Kendall |  Posted at 1:01 pm Nov 4th

    Happy Birthday Kenyy ! Love U <33

  16. sk8johnson |  Posted at 1:18 pm Nov 4th

    Happy Birthday Beautiful!!!♥♥

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    Kendra |  Posted at 5:18 pm Nov 4th

    Happy belated Birthday Kenny! Love you

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    smileyselina |  Posted at 6:50 pm Nov 4th

    Happy late Birthday Kendall Jenner :)

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    akita_thapa |  Posted at 11:16 pm Nov 4th

    happy bdayy god bless yuh!!!

  20. Kdoll |  Posted at 3:19 am Nov 5th

    Sweeet16 <3 Your age suits you cause your a sweet girl!!! :D

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    steph5 |  Posted at 3:38 am Jan 9th

    Happy Birthday Kendall, bit late tho sorry!
    whats the app called that you used to take the photo?

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