Bora Bora Beer Stealers!

Kendall Kylie Jenner Steal Beer Bora Bora Keeping Up with the Kardashians Preview

In tonight’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kylie and I decide to play a little prank on Rob. We steal all of his beer from his room and make our dad think that Rob gave the beer to us! Don’t worry, we didn’t drink any, lol! You can watch the preview here! It’s an hour long special before the big FINALE tomorrow!

Everyone watch the new episode tonight on E! at 10/9c to see what happens!

Sorry Rob…. kinda!!! LOL

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  1. avatar
    Maggsworth |  Posted at 8:53 am Sep 4th

    hahahaaha looks like a fun episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait. You girls are sooo Beautiful too. just saying.

  2. avatar
    aileen |  Posted at 9:16 am Sep 4th

    you cool i love you

  3. crazybabylove26 |  Posted at 9:29 am Sep 4th

    i cant wait to see today’s episode ♥ love you guys soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ♥

  4. meldabelle |  Posted at 10:19 am Sep 4th

    Loool you guyz are jokes loved yesterdays episode nd most importantly love you wish you all the best of luck lv ya muah <3

  5. avatar
    alimah |  Posted at 3:51 pm Sep 4th

    lmaoooooooooooo cray

  6. KKjennerlove |  Posted at 7:10 pm Sep 4th

    hahahahahah you girls are SO funny <3

  7. avatar
    ST |  Posted at 9:10 pm Sep 4th

    you guys always seem to be enjoying the situation without drama :D, and always cheerful than other family members LOL. Bora Bora looks like an amazing place, and photos of diving with rob .. wow awesome .. love you guys :)

  8. KendallMafia |  Posted at 10:00 pm Sep 4th

    I loved tonight’s episode :) you guys are so funny!

  9. avatar
    Abi |  Posted at 11:00 am Sep 5th

    Loved this episode :) xxx

  10. Xx_KLA |  Posted at 11:06 am Sep 5th

    Haha Lol.

  11. Linnea Norrdahl |  Posted at 11:55 am Sep 5th

    I hate when i live i scandinavia I can´t watch the episodes a week after the premiere

    • aamaziing |  Posted at 2:09 pm Sep 5th

      I live in Sweden and can watch the show right after it has been shown in the US :)

  12. Linnea Norrdahl |  Posted at 11:57 am Sep 5th


  13. aamaziing |  Posted at 2:09 pm Sep 5th

    Love this episode! :)

  14. avatar
    haya |  Posted at 7:25 pm Sep 5th

    i loveeeeee u kendall and kyleee soo much u guys r my idole

  15. avatar
    026girl |  Posted at 9:20 pm Sep 7th

    I just want to know what Nail Polish Color Kylie is wearing this this episode? Plz thanks k bye!!!

  16. Wreyzza Swift |  Posted at 9:14 pm Sep 9th

    funny! ϡ

    please f0ll0w 0ur bL0g as weLL:

    thanx! ϡ

  17. avatar
    kateddow |  Posted at 11:26 am Sep 11th

    aghhh:( i cant watch it,I live in England:( please can you see it you can make the video available to watch here cos it says that ‘the uploader has not made this video available in your country..:L pweaasseeee thankyoou <3

  18. Ella Felton-Douglass |  Posted at 6:06 am Sep 12th

    Do either of you have a tumblr account?

  19. Merve Özcelik |  Posted at 12:11 pm Sep 15th

    Wow kendall I love your top, where is it from?

  20. Jermzy Ascot |  Posted at 12:39 am Sep 27th

    Sorry but that was a really nasty thing to do to your brother- framing him for giving you guys beer?? That’s low.

  21. avatar
    elle.jfn |  Posted at 3:57 am Sep 29th

    ahaha lol that was such a good episode!! you guys are halarious haha

  22. avatar
    alalal111 |  Posted at 4:26 am Oct 1st

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  23. Catalina Arlette Serrano Balcazar |  Posted at 5:10 pm Nov 12th

    I can’t see the video, is blocked in my country. ;C </3

  24. thatgirljess |  Posted at 4:53 pm Nov 15th

    this seriously made me laugh so hard. btdubz, i love both of your outfits <3

  25. avatar
    Alyssa17 |  Posted at 9:28 am Dec 30th

    omg this was soo funny! i loved this episode this is something tht my sister and i would of done!! :)

  26. Oc Breezy Pittet |  Posted at 2:14 pm Nov 7th

    MDR!!!!!!!!!!! trop drole =)

  27. Oc Breezy Pittet |  Posted at 2:14 pm Nov 7th

    Serieux vous etes trop Kiffante !!!!

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