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  1. Ismena Granis |  Posted at 11:07 am Jan 3rd

    Great body :D

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    jenner1dfan |  Posted at 11:19 am Jan 3rd

    abbs love the shirt kylie :D

  3. JadeVanhinsbergh |  Posted at 1:14 pm Jan 3rd

    Your style is amazing Kylie! I think every girl would love it if you did a tutorial on your everyday Make-up routine? xo

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    kiah |  Posted at 2:56 pm Jan 6th

    kendall an kylie my name is kiah and i am 12 years old an think ur soo beautiful an gorgous u r such of a great role modle to me an u always will b my dream is to meet u in person an ur family evn tho tht wont happen ill still watch u on tv an lookin up to u u may not read this but i jus want to know i love u an ur sisters so much an will never stop.i always spend sundays watchin kardashians all day lol i call it a kardashian sunday an my mom thinks im upsest as i do try to watch it everyday an if it was to eva stop bein on tv i wud cry but anyway i lov u so much

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    kiah |  Posted at 2:57 pm Jan 6th


  6. Mike Chavez |  Posted at 8:55 pm Jan 25th


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