Celebrate the Difference

Kylie Jenner Outfit and Hair
Lighter hair && @civilclothing

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  1. Jenifer Fernanda Da Luz Bizarri |  Posted at 4:21 pm Oct 5th

    You’re so beautiful! Lov u :)

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    lovekendall101 |  Posted at 4:22 pm Oct 5th

    omg i love ur hair and that t shirt :)

  3. James Hu |  Posted at 5:08 pm Oct 5th

    Love it! And look what I found! http://www.jellibug.com/kylie-jenner

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    Stefanie Grace |  Posted at 4:08 am Oct 6th

    LOVE the new colour! I’ve been trying to grow my hair for ages and despite the fact that you are a lot younger than me, you’re still my hair-spiration! Gorgeous. See my current hair here: http://www.stefaniegrace.com

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    QuinnRussell |  Posted at 1:18 pm Oct 6th

    You’re So Beautiful! I would die if you could notice me on twitter.. my personal is quinnrussell2 , and my fan one is ilovekj1 . thanks doll love you! you and your sisters are my idols!

  6. Mason Sean Carter |  Posted at 1:56 am Oct 7th

    One cross for christ,the other cross for his disciple peter.celebrate the difference.xoxo

  7. kteam |  Posted at 5:57 pm Oct 7th

    I love your new hair & your shirt <3 (:

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    lizgal66 |  Posted at 9:23 am Oct 8th

    love it! gorgeous as always!

  9. Jgtaylor13 |  Posted at 2:56 pm Oct 11th

    Love Civil Clothing! You’re so fab!

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    ST |  Posted at 8:45 pm Oct 11th

    hehehe thats cool shirt “celebrate the difference” :D

  11. thatsmystyle14 |  Posted at 1:25 pm Oct 21st

    i saw that shirt at pacsun accept the logo is civil war

  12. Cynthia M. Gardner |  Posted at 9:02 am Nov 5th

    does she know that the second cross is the sign of the devil?

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