Celebrating Labor Day Weekend

Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!!! xoxo

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  1. Paulo Roberto De Oliveira Santos Junior |  Posted at 9:07 am Sep 1st


  2. Cami Laborde |  Posted at 9:08 am Sep 1st

    Have a great day Kenny! i love you <3

  3. FilipTosic |  Posted at 3:31 pm Sep 1st

    This is a perfect example what to look up to in life!!!Kendall and Kylie,two most beautiful girls,great personalities,gorgeous faces,they are smart…<333333

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    lovethejennerfam |  Posted at 4:26 pm Sep 1st

    Why don’t you guys ever come to North Carolina

    • LovesBabes1 |  Posted at 8:07 am Sep 2nd

      NC? Cool, me too.

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    stephanielopez_V |  Posted at 6:22 pm Sep 1st

    Kendall & Kylie! hi girls, well its been my dream to become a model! but i just can’t find the right agency. i was wondering if you girls could recommend a good agency and give me a little advice on being a model. it would help a lot. Please reply back.

  6. NoAm |  Posted at 2:19 pm Sep 2nd

    Beautifulll pic!!:)) u guys r so cute!

  7. Nique |  Posted at 8:55 pm Sep 3rd

    Wishing you all a Happy Labor Day and enjoy this time with the ones you love. Btw, nice pic and Kylie, I had a the same experience that you are going through and you are going to do great things. If you need someone to talk to that can relate to you. Just reply to me back ok. Wish you a lot of luck and never give up! I’m rooting for you Kylie! God Bless to the both of you and your family! :)

  8. alice.27 |  Posted at 2:18 am Sep 4th

    Whats Labor day:)?

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      lovethejennerfam |  Posted at 2:54 am Sep 4th

      Its celebrating all the people who work and have jobs and just giving them a time to rest!

  9. hania17 |  Posted at 8:19 am Sep 4th

    Aww the pic is so sweet

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    Ylilanna |  Posted at 11:15 am Sep 6th

    We don’t have Labor Day but we hope you guys had a great time!!! Love the picture though!!! xxxxxxxx

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