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I couldn’t wait any longer, you guys. I just debuted my tumblr yesterday!!!!! Ahhh I love it! Tumblr is so much fun and it’s such a great place to put up pictures that inspire me or are just gorgeous. Hope you follow me at and love it! Enjoy some pics I pulled from my Tumblr to share with you! xoxoxo

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    Georgia |  Posted at 10:26 am Aug 23rd

    Hi Ky!!

    I really hope you consider checking out my Tumblrs:

    I put a lot of time and effort into them, I’ve had alakardashians for almost 2 years now!!

  2. KendallMafia |  Posted at 11:03 am Aug 23rd

    I followed your tumblr :) love it! It would be an honor if you followed mine <3

  3. megmeg |  Posted at 11:36 am Aug 23rd

    hi please check out my tumblr or my kardashian tumblr :) please :)

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    loulou14600 |  Posted at 12:30 pm Aug 23rd

    Hi Kylie I also have a tumblr here is the link
    Going to make a tower :) kisses I love you <3

  5. avatar
    kendallkylie |  Posted at 5:34 pm Aug 23rd
  6. crystal |  Posted at 1:42 am Aug 26th

    I love your tumblr. (: Everyone check out my tumblr –

  7. Zainab Al-Ansari |  Posted at 11:03 am Aug 27th

    your tumblr is beautiful Kylie! Check out mine!

  8. Isadora Marchioni |  Posted at 10:09 pm Sep 11th

    You girls should come to Brazil!!!!!!!!!

  9. Esther Lora |  Posted at 5:39 am Sep 17th
  10. avatar
    ash atwood |  Posted at 7:45 am Mar 8th

    My blog related to Kendall Jenner’s style ! xx

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    abook9 |  Posted at 6:41 pm Dec 17th

    OMG i love your account so much! i swear i love you guysss!!! <3 it would be amazing if you followed mine!

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