Cheetah Obsessions!

Kendall Kylie Jenner Seventeen Magazine Fashion Contributor

Kendall and I at the Seventeen Magazine offices yesterday!! We had so much fun and are so excited to be their new west coast fashion contributors!

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      SusanL |  Posted at 11:21 am Apr 24th

      So cool!

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        hintonlewis90 |  Posted at 2:21 pm Apr 27th

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    2. heartxbeat |  Posted at 11:29 am Apr 24th

      So exiited to see the pictures :]!!!

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      Katiewonder |  Posted at 2:44 pm Apr 24th

      dont you just love your life??

    4. laura!xox |  Posted at 3:59 pm Apr 24th

      you girlies look so nice! can’t wait until the magazine comes out! it will be great!!!! :)

    5. Peasy |  Posted at 5:46 pm Apr 25th

      If you had to choose one thing to change about yourself or the people around you kylie and kendall, what would it be?<3

    6. Ambzz |  Posted at 1:41 am Apr 30th

      congatz to both of you u guys deserve it!!! wish i could meet you!

    7. Ambzz |  Posted at 1:42 am Apr 30th

      Nice cheetah outfits and accesories! wish i could meet u!

    8. dez kardashian |  Posted at 5:33 pm May 2nd


    9. heartxbeat |  Posted at 1:45 am May 6th

      It would mean much for me if you check my tumblr – – that I only make for you. I hope you will like it. xx Nesrin – Twitter – @ikjenner

    10. Kdoll |  Posted at 3:18 am May 7th

      You rock the cheetah prints!!

    11. Lou Harper |  Posted at 11:50 am May 12th

      People pay thousands of dollars to go to college and get a degree to write. Kendall & Kylie just given a spot at Seventeen Magazine. Proves that if you have money, you can have anything.

    12. EmiliaDlove |  Posted at 1:43 am May 15th

      Those are such exciting news :) i read the seventeen magazine all the time and this news just made my week! Bibe! I’m sooo happy for you two, I’m sure its gonna be an amazing experience :) love you <33

    13. Mike Chavez |  Posted at 2:25 am Jan 16th

      You ladies are so gorgeous…I’M SO WHIPPED OVER YOU !! <3 #ADDICTED

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