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Kylie Jenner Big Sweater Look
Big sweaters! Yayyy! :)

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    lizgal66 |  Posted at 6:30 am Oct 11th

    kylie im in school right now but im sneaking on ur blog to see your pics cuz i love you so much you are my life and inspiration ur amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    iheartbrucejenner |  Posted at 6:31 am Oct 11th

    kyilie im in school right now sneaking on your blog in class right now to see your pics cause we luv ur piccsss!!!!!!! and your dad rocks!!

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    ILOVEBRUCE |  Posted at 6:32 am Oct 11th

    I LOVE BRUCE JENNER AND KYLIE JENNER! kylie ur so pretty and bruce u rock!

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    mallorykae7 |  Posted at 12:41 pm Oct 12th

    I love you guys! you are both gorgeous and so talented! :) my dream is to meet you both! :D Please help me persude that dream!

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