Covering Seventeen Magazine’s September Issue

Kendall Kylie Jenner Seventeen Magazine September Cover Issue

Kendall and I are on the cover of the September issue of Seventeen Magazine!! What do you guys think of the cover?

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  1. Botezatu Roxana |  Posted at 10:56 am Jul 31st

    It looks awesome and I am really looking forward to reading the article about you two!

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    Chloe<3 |  Posted at 11:05 am Jul 31st

    You guys look amazing as always! :) You guys shold post pics of your dogs haven’t seen them in a while!

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    Andreamw |  Posted at 11:28 am Jul 31st

    Are you and Kylie gonna have your own spin-off show? Please post a keek or whatever about it! :) I saw it said something about a spin-off show at the cover but when i looked it up i found a video on youtube from the teen choice awards where you said that you’re not.. I really hope you do! I cant buy the seventeen magazine because they don’t sell it in Norway, so I really hope you’ll answer me! Love you guys!

  4. amandabergman |  Posted at 12:04 pm Jul 31st

    Your hair is soo long Kendall, beautiful. And you guys look amazing on that seventeen magazine shoot!

  5. heartxbeat |  Posted at 12:17 pm Jul 31st

    the cover so beautiful, love ya guys ;)
    twitter: ikjenner

  6. janieka |  Posted at 12:32 pm Jul 31st

    you guys r sooo gorg

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    aaeenmomin |  Posted at 5:07 pm Jul 31st Kylie I really hope you can see this picture I drew for you and I’m about to do Kendall’s soon:) and I hope you could follow me to @aaeenmomin98 on twitter:)

  8. K&KFan |  Posted at 6:23 am Aug 1st

    Oh man…now this is an issue I’m going to get a lot of use out of! Can’t wait to empty my nuts over your pictures!

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    Erikk |  Posted at 10:15 am Aug 1st

    Beautiful cover photo!

  10. kendallandkyliefanforever |  Posted at 10:28 am Aug 3rd

    lolololololololol u to are AMAZING

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    ST |  Posted at 6:58 am Aug 6th

    ah i luv u guyss.. u both so cute n yeah looks like yep the teenager :D.

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    samantha.wunderlin |  Posted at 9:28 pm Aug 6th

    oh my god you girls are so gorgeous im obsessed with your shows and you are my complete idols!

  13. K&KFan |  Posted at 7:05 pm Aug 7th

    If Kendall and Kylie get their own spinoff show, are there any other guys out there who’d like to see them sitting on the toilet with their panties around their ankles, going to the bathroom? I know it’s a weird fetish, but I can’t help thinking it’d be so hot to see them doing that.

  14. KKCaelen |  Posted at 9:20 am Aug 31st

    I bought this earlier this month!

  15. charlie-marrieLee |  Posted at 9:57 am Nov 29th

    kendall and kylie your not much older then me and i hope when im your age im on the same path as you (the path to being a pro model) , i really look up to you two the most as all the others are extreamly older so please reply and give me tips xxxxx

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    Summer T |  Posted at 3:19 pm Dec 10th

    I love this magazine, and i read it a lot! You guys are both so relatable :)

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    Gemma Knoxx |  Posted at 4:24 am Jan 31st

    Luv your style >3

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