Disneyland, Donkeys and KoKo’s Return!!

  • Kylie Jenner Personal Instagram Gallery
  • Kylie Jenner Personal Instagram Gallery
  • Kylie Jenner Personal Instagram Gallery
  • Kylie Jenner Personal Instagram Gallery
  • Kylie Jenner Personal Instagram Gallery

Kylie Jenner Personal Instagram Gallery

Hi everyone!! I just wanted to share some pics from this last week with you guys!

I am soooo happy that my sister Khloe is home!! We had a family dinner together the second she got home and I took this pic of us with Mason. How cute is he!?

Click through the gallery to see all my pics from the last week!! Is everyone having a good week?

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  1. avatar
    lizgal66 |  Posted at 2:54 pm Apr 12th

    So cute all of you I’m so happy Khloe is back! and mason looks so cute!

  2. Kdoll |  Posted at 11:02 am Apr 15th

    Wow, Khloe is back yeeyyyyy!!! Mason is such a cutie like his aunt kylie. Xx

  3. avatar
    lovekarjen |  Posted at 5:01 pm Apr 17th


  4. Lou Harper |  Posted at 3:53 pm Apr 20th

    Khloe : Amazing.
    Mason : Cute.
    Kylie : UGLIEST.

    • Mark Sanderson |  Posted at 12:26 pm Apr 24th

      nooo kylies beautiful

    • Courtney Miller |  Posted at 12:02 pm Apr 27th

      Jealous Much Els-a? lol

  5. Lou Harper |  Posted at 4:18 pm Apr 27th

    Shut up, Bitch. #fatcourtneymiller.

  6. EmiliaDlove |  Posted at 2:18 am May 15th

    Kylie, you are the most beautiful out of everyone! BIBLE! Everyone else is jealous cuz you got an amazing life, such a loving and caring family and a great career ahead of you! Just ignore her and the haters, they’re not worth even a second of your attention! I love you Kylie!

  7. Lou Harper |  Posted at 5:41 pm May 26th

    Looool, If I understand EmiliaDlove you think I’m jealous of this bitch ?
    You are so ridiculous, Kendall and Kylie are useless, they are famous because of that Kardashian, and if they would not Kendall and Kylie Jenner, they would never have been models. Kendall walks like a duck, and kylie has not the physical.
    Everyone closes his mouth now.

    • avatar
      jelly |  Posted at 5:53 pm Jul 8th

      Ok seriously you are reeeaaaaaaallllllyyyy pissing me off because you don’t even know them and you are talking crap about them. You are obviously just jealous of Kendall AND KYLIE! I have read your other posts and to be honest you are just being a bitch. Seriously you talking about how Kylie’s not pretty and she doesn’t have the body and Kendall and Kylie only get famous off the Kardashians. Well if you haven’t noticed yes they started from their sisters but they have gotten multiple modeling jobs and offers and work with Seventeen Magazine and have made a name for themselves aside from their sisters. So stop acting like you know everything when you obviously don’t.

    • avatar
      jelly |  Posted at 5:55 pm Jul 8th

      BTW they are both gorgeous

  8. Lou Harper |  Posted at 8:05 am Jul 13th

    Kylie tries too hard to be in the limelight. ME JEALOUS OF KYLIE ? Are you kidding me or what ?
    It’s clear that all Kylie want is attention and fame, that’s what everyone thinks about her, but they are too hypocritical to tell her.

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