E! Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

Kylie and Kendall Jenner Post Photo from New Shoot

Just wanted to share this pic from our new E! promo shoot <3

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  1. vickyy14 |  Posted at 10:58 am Aug 30th

    You both are absolutely stunning. You girls are such role models.

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  2. vickyy14 |  Posted at 10:59 am Aug 30th

    Love love love love love love love love you girls



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    iamonlymebaybee |  Posted at 11:20 am Aug 30th

    u girls are really pretty wat i would give to be able to model but i cant because im fat and ugly :(

  4. bpaillere |  Posted at 12:06 pm Aug 30th

    Wow you guys look freaking amazing

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    MarvinSittinger |  Posted at 12:18 pm Aug 30th

    r u guys really thinking they’ll read this…

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    billyinc1 |  Posted at 1:27 pm Aug 30th

    You are both Stunning; I really like the shoes Kylie is wearing.

  7. FilipTosic |  Posted at 3:10 pm Aug 30th

    Ok,lets begin…you are the best inspiration in my life,i love you for who you are and i love you cause you are the most beautiful girl ever…you are the reason why i will be moving to L.A..My wish is to meet you and spend as much as time as i can with you,cause people like you are worth living for<333and you are following me on keek:Pif you can follow on twitter(FilipTosicK)<333


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    luisat7 |  Posted at 3:39 pm Aug 30th

    I think we all know that we want this as yours! I love them!

  9. CBSharpe |  Posted at 4:35 pm Aug 30th

    You never reply to your fans :( <3

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    ST |  Posted at 1:06 am Aug 31st

    love u outfit kylie..nice pose :)

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    bellagalliza |  Posted at 10:43 am Sep 5th

    Love You Girls!!! You’re so gorgeous!

  12. PAUL ROSE |  Posted at 3:42 pm Sep 7th

    you both looking good but kylie!sigh u take this photo with thats pose loving it….kendall your great also k

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