Enter to Win a Gift Bag from My Sweet 16!

Hey guys! My Sweet 16 Special is airing Monday, December 19, and I could not be more excited! The party itself was a blast and I cannot wait to re-live it! As a special thank you to my fans, I wanted to do a giveaway with one of the gift bags from the party. All of the guests received one of these and I saved one for one lucky winner!

Here’s what the gift bag includes… 

  • My colors from Kardashian Kolors, our Nicole by OPI Nail Polish Collection
  • Stila Lip Glaze Trio and Eye Shadow Palette
  • NYX Cosmetics 15-Piece Makeup Brush Set
  • California Christiania Republic Jumpsuit
  • Dick Cottons Sunglasses
  • RumbaTime Watch
  • Archive 1887 T-Shirts
  • i360 Headphone Beanies
  • Kai Fragrance Body Butter
  • Capezio New York Legwarmers
  • Twistband Hair Ties
  • Cellairis iPhone 4 Cases
  • Woodees vintage Stereo Earphones
  • WkShp Graphic Tees and Tanks
  • Line & Dot Shirts
  • Yogurtland Gift Cards
  • Ihome Travel Alarm Clock for iPod
  • LeSportsac Large Weekender
  • BCBGeneration Pencil Case
  • Featherlocks Hair Extensions

It’s super easy to enter — all you have to do is leave a comment below. Doesn’t have to be anything specific, any old comment will do :). You have until Tuesday, December 20, at 12pm PT to enter.

Click through the gallery to see some of the items you could win and don’t forget to tune in this Monday, December 19, at 9pm to watch Kendall’s Sweet 16 on E!.


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  1. Yolanda Ponce |  Posted at 2:58 pm Dec 13th

    Kendallove, Doll, Sugarr, Toots, Jenner Jammm I cant wait to see your sweet sixteen special and you’re my mosssst favorite!!

  2. avatar
    maddylow |  Posted at 2:58 pm Dec 13th

    it would complete my life if i won this ohmygodd i cant even imagine, i love you guys SOOO muchh, your my role models(:

  3. Lupe Olmos |  Posted at 2:58 pm Dec 13th

    Hi Kendall, :)
    I hope you had an awesome sweet 16 and can’t wait to watch your celebration, I love your sense of style and I know your gonna go far in life. It would be awesome if I won this sweet Gift bag.
    Sending lots of Love :)

  4. Ally D'Alleva |  Posted at 2:58 pm Dec 13th

    I love Kendall you are gorgeous and such an inspiration! I would love to win one of your gift bags:)

  5. Jennifer Coss |  Posted at 2:58 pm Dec 13th

    Hey Kendall!! i really like your style i love all these things hopefuly ill will win

    • Jennifer Coss |  Posted at 3:03 pm Dec 13th

      Ur a inspiration to me and i really hope to win this prize i hope u had the best of the best Sweet sixteens ever!!! i cant wait to see ur sweet sixteen

  6. Shellypoo |  Posted at 2:58 pm Dec 13th

    Cant wait for the show :)
    Enter me :)

  7. avatar
    mariiee1008 |  Posted at 2:59 pm Dec 13th

    yaaaaaayyy i hope i win!!! :D

    • avatar
      livelaughlove20 |  Posted at 8:22 am Dec 17th

      there are sooo many comments, I hope you see mine Kendall!!!

  8. avatar
    melissa_44 |  Posted at 2:59 pm Dec 13th

    Hello Kendall :D
    Well I Cant Wait For Your Sweet 16 To Air & I Would Like To Win The Gift Bag As A BIRTHDAY PRESENT For My 16th BIRTHDAY !! :D Which Is On January 4 <3
    So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Pick Me & Let My 16th Birthday Be Awesome For Winning Your Gift Bag ^-^ <3 PLEASE <3

  9. Eugenie Buda |  Posted at 2:59 pm Dec 13th

    kendallll! you are the best person ever! i think i would die if i got this! you are so beautiful and kinda! ahhhh i love you so much :D

  10. YOKYKY |  Posted at 2:59 pm Dec 13th

    Hey! Hope you had an amazing birthday! Sounds like it was amazing! Even the gift bag sounds/looks incredible. WOW. Anyway, hope you have an amazing year being 16 guuuurl! <3

  11. Chantal Hernandez |  Posted at 2:59 pm Dec 13th

    I Wanna Win This Contest So Bad ^.^ I Love Your Show :3 And Youu Are Soo Pretty .! So Are All Your Sisters. Your Mom Too She Looks Like Shes In Her 30′s Thats A Really Good Thing. ^.^ Well Bye :* .

  12. Anyssa Matatall |  Posted at 2:59 pm Dec 13th

    Happy Birthday Kendall! Can’t wait to turn on E! to watch your birthday special! :)

  13. avatar
    mommypina |  Posted at 3:00 pm Dec 13th

    This would be a great gift to hand out to everyone in my family with my baby boy just turning 2 and another one on the way =) things are tight for Christmas so those would be great Christmas gifts.. it is very sweet of you guys to spread the love and joy of your gifts to others you guys are awesome and great role models..Merry X-mas and a Happy new year to you guys and your family.

  14. avatar
    steph57gcu |  Posted at 3:00 pm Dec 13th

    Amazingggg gift bag! So nice of you :)

  15. avatar
    dmar92 |  Posted at 3:00 pm Dec 13th

    It’s awesome you’re doing this for all of your fans! Huge supporter of all the Kardashian shows and of course I will be tuning in to watch your Sweet 16 on 12/19! Can’t say I wouldn’t love to have all of the items in your gift bag (believe me I would), but I know about 15 children at the New York Presbyterian Children’s Hospital in NYC I volunteer at who would appreciate these gifts more than I ever could. If I win, your gift bag will be given to some of the most inspirational and amazing kids I have ever met. Meeting them has been a gift to me within itself, so anything to make them smile is my gift in return. And not to mention, they all love you and Kylie! Happy Holidays xoxox

  16. Joanna Kelly |  Posted at 3:00 pm Dec 13th

    what an amazing goodie bag!! if only all birthday parties gave u one like that!! <3

  17. avatar
    xemanalhajx |  Posted at 3:00 pm Dec 13th

    Ohhhhhh! I want to win it!! :D :D :D It could be a birthday present since it’s almost my birthday! ;)

  18. Kelli Anne Lane |  Posted at 3:00 pm Dec 13th

    You girls are absolutely stunning :)

  19. Katya Ring |  Posted at 3:00 pm Dec 13th

    love you kendall! xx

  20. avatar
    cristaless95 |  Posted at 3:00 pm Dec 13th

    What an awesome gift bag!!!! I’m a big fan Kendall (:

  21. avatar
    RACHEL_wishesshewasKJenner |  Posted at 3:00 pm Dec 13th

    SO excited to see Kendall’s bday special on monday night!! maybe i’ve never tweeted you before….but im your biggest fan! im 16 also and loveee it…..love seeing how you live your life! and i TRULY wish i was one of the kardashian-jenner sisters. you guys are the best and i love watching all of you every week.

  22. avatar
    ierlandsson |  Posted at 3:00 pm Dec 13th

    I’m from Sweden,, but hopes it’s works too!! :D

  23. avatar
    melissa_44 |  Posted at 3:01 pm Dec 13th

    Hey Kendall :D
    Can You Please Pick Me I Really Want That Gift For My 16th Birthday Which Is On JANUARY 4

  24. shandadoll989 |  Posted at 3:02 pm Dec 13th

    yaaaaaaaay give away I Love them but never win nothing. All I have to do is work hard and I am sure I will win one day. Thanks Kendall for doing a give away, love your style and fashion sense you are amazing from the inside out. Love you doll xoxo

  25. avatar
    micaalyanna |  Posted at 3:02 pm Dec 13th

    I can’t wait for the episode to air!
    I love both you & Kylie!!

  26. avatar
    LexiMarshall |  Posted at 3:02 pm Dec 13th

    oh my goodness! obsessed. i would honestly die for this.. bible. love you all :)

  27. avatar
    annelise |  Posted at 3:02 pm Dec 13th

    happy birthday kendall! hope i can win :)

    • avatar
      livelaughlove20 |  Posted at 8:23 am Dec 17th

      This is an amazing gift bag Kendall<3

  28. Chenai Chafesuka |  Posted at 3:02 pm Dec 13th

    omg kendall that gift would definately make my year, that would be a huge honour to know that im using something the same as you , i enjoy watching all ur photoshoot pics and may god bless u and everyone else in ur family

  29. madelinerose_ |  Posted at 3:02 pm Dec 13th

    Hey Kendall! I just wanted to say that you are my biggest inspiration. I’m a year younger than you and I aspire to be a model soon, just like you. I know this is probably sounding really corny but I really do look up to you so much. I love the Kardashian/Jenner family so much because you guys remind me of my own family. I live in Australia and recently met Kim and Khloe when they came over here. One day I hope I can meet the rest of the family- especially YOU! Winning this prize pack would be such an amazing Christmas present.
    I LOVE YOU! ♥♥♥♥♥

  30. Nicole Ulrich |  Posted at 3:02 pm Dec 13th

    Hey Kendell just wanted to say even if I dont win this, you are such an inspiration for teenagers. You’re striving for all your dreams and doing an amazing job!! xoxo

  31. avatar
    kristina renee |  Posted at 3:02 pm Dec 13th

    It would be an honor to win something from you I hope you had a great birthday please pick me

  32. Jacob-Christina Jimenez |  Posted at 3:02 pm Dec 13th

    happy sweet 16 birthday wish you many many more …..

  33. avatar
    kristina renee |  Posted at 3:03 pm Dec 13th

    :) please oh please pick me

  34. Nancy Castellanos |  Posted at 3:03 pm Dec 13th

    16 is a great age now u can’t wait to turn 18 then the big 21! I wish u many more years with the fam bam that adore u! Happy belated birthday young lady and may god bless u and ur family with blessings to set an example to all the families out here that money is not what makes you it’s the love and union ur family is used too, my family is the same filled with love :) I love the giveaway but I really wanted to let u know my warm words more.. :D oh yes can’t wait to see the party!

  35. avatar
    Kai Dee |  Posted at 3:03 pm Dec 13th

    ey! :) I Have A Purfume Named After Me!? Is that awkward? haha “Kai” That’s My Name!

  36. avatar
    lina |  Posted at 3:03 pm Dec 13th

    Hi Kendall!!! i am a biggg fan it would mean a lot to me to win this prize!! xoxo

  37. Jissy-maria Karickal |  Posted at 3:04 pm Dec 13th

    Hey Kendall! I love you and your sister. I hope you had a great party. I hope I win this gift bag since I most likely won’t be having a party of my own.

  38. avatar
    ilovekendallandkyliejenner123 |  Posted at 3:04 pm Dec 13th

    WOW!!!!!! how nice of you to do that! it would be a dream come true if i won,but i usually dont win anything. lol I just want to say you and your sister are absoutely GORGEOUS and i love your show. you guys have to be the prettiest models that have ever modeled. I saw some of your pictures on a website and im happy you had a great time!!!!! Again you probably wont see this message but it will be amazing if i get the bag filled with all those things that you like!!! please can you think about giving this to me.i would be so grateful for this. and whoever you give it to, i know that they will love the gifts you gave them. That is a great gift to give someone. i know i sound like a kiss up but i reALLY WOULD LOVE TO GET THESE ITEMS. I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER IF YOU DID I hope you have A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. alishar4 |  Posted at 3:04 pm Dec 13th

    HEYYYYYY KENDELLL!!!! Please pick me to win, I absolutely adore you on KUWTK!! I would be so grateful if i won because I’ve never won anything before!! BDAY TWIME!!!! HOPE U HAD AN AWESOME BDAY!!!!! haha <3 :D

  40. avatar
    camie6059 |  Posted at 3:04 pm Dec 13th

    Kendall, I think what your doing is very sweet. You and your whole family are just amazing and inspiring people and its crazy because for being so young you and your sister have sucha a good head on your sholders. I cant wait till you show comes on monday. I would like to win your sweet 16 gift bag that would be amazing. But if not I look forward to see who wins (: Thanks so much for doing this for all of us.

    Carmen xo

  41. Gaby Soto |  Posted at 3:04 pm Dec 13th

    i will luv too win i luv kendall and watching the kardashians i really hope to win

  42. Vinice Reali |  Posted at 3:05 pm Dec 13th


  43. avatar
    ccreech679 |  Posted at 3:05 pm Dec 13th

    Hi Kendal,
    Happy Birthday! I cant wait to see the show, i watch all the varieties of the seasons. I love you and your family. You have my complete support! Youre awesome!

  44. avatar
    kristina renee |  Posted at 3:05 pm Dec 13th

    Mee please!!

  45. Tina Xu |  Posted at 3:05 pm Dec 13th

    OMG this is awesome!!! and Happy Birthday :)

  46. avatar
    makaylarachel |  Posted at 3:05 pm Dec 13th

    I would love to win this! Im a struggling college student in Fullerton and don’t get to splurge on nice things very often! Please choose me! Im going home for christmas and I will get to watch your show (I dont have cable at my apt in Fullerton) I would appreciate this all so much!!

  47. avatar
    prada_1497 |  Posted at 3:06 pm Dec 13th

    Hey, kendall!
    I just wanted to say that im a huge fan of yours, and watch keeping up with the kardashians whenever i can! Wow the stuff in the giftbag is allot more than totally AMAZING! Anyways, I cant wait for the special, i know it will be FAB! If i win, by some lucky chance, I would give this to my sick cousin, who is in hospital right, now cause she’s a bigger fan then me if thats possible, she absolutely loves you and i know it would mean the world to her. thanks kendal! Xx.

  48. Anica Linke |  Posted at 3:06 pm Dec 13th

    I need that stuff BIBLE <3

  49. Abigail Werner |  Posted at 3:06 pm Dec 13th


  50. avatar
    AChristina |  Posted at 3:06 pm Dec 13th

    I need this in my life!!!!

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