Enter to Win a Gift Bag from My Sweet 16!

Hey guys! My Sweet 16 Special is airing Monday, December 19, and I could not be more excited! The party itself was a blast and I cannot wait to re-live it! As a special thank you to my fans, I wanted to do a giveaway with one of the gift bags from the party. All of the guests received one of these and I saved one for one lucky winner!

Here’s what the gift bag includes… 

  • My colors from Kardashian Kolors, our Nicole by OPI Nail Polish Collection
  • Stila Lip Glaze Trio and Eye Shadow Palette
  • NYX Cosmetics 15-Piece Makeup Brush Set
  • California Christiania Republic Jumpsuit
  • Dick Cottons Sunglasses
  • RumbaTime Watch
  • Archive 1887 T-Shirts
  • i360 Headphone Beanies
  • Kai Fragrance Body Butter
  • Capezio New York Legwarmers
  • Twistband Hair Ties
  • Cellairis iPhone 4 Cases
  • Woodees vintage Stereo Earphones
  • WkShp Graphic Tees and Tanks
  • Line & Dot Shirts
  • Yogurtland Gift Cards
  • Ihome Travel Alarm Clock for iPod
  • LeSportsac Large Weekender
  • BCBGeneration Pencil Case
  • Featherlocks Hair Extensions

It’s super easy to enter — all you have to do is leave a comment below. Doesn’t have to be anything specific, any old comment will do :). You have until Tuesday, December 20, at 12pm PT to enter.

Click through the gallery to see some of the items you could win and don’t forget to tune in this Monday, December 19, at 9pm to watch Kendall’s Sweet 16 on E!.


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  1. Ashley Rothstein |  Posted at 11:18 am Dec 13th


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    martina_l |  Posted at 11:20 am Dec 13th

    I can’t wait to see your sweet sixteen party!!
    Kisses from Argentina

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      livelaughlove20 |  Posted at 7:20 am Dec 17th

      Kendall I hope you read all of my comments! You are gorgeous and soo generous!!! You and Kylie are the
      nicest girls ever and I hope one day I can meet you guys<33 You would totally make me soooo
      happy if I won this. This is the nicest gift bag ever!
      Pleaseeee pick me:)
      please pick meee!!!
      please pick me!!!!!
      please pick me!!!!!
      i love this bag soooooo much and it would be amazing if I won!!
      please pick me Kendallll!!!!!!
      you inspire me soooo much!!!!!!!!!
      PLEASE PICK ME KENDALLLLL<333333333333 :) Hope you had the most wonderful
      party ever!!!!!!!!!! I really really hope you see this and pick me -livelaughlove

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    izalouzada |  Posted at 11:20 am Dec 13th


  4. EllieSmile |  Posted at 11:21 am Dec 13th

    oooo, cant wait for the christmas special! the gift bag also looks awesommeeeee(‘:

  5. Rebecca Laterza |  Posted at 11:21 am Dec 13th

    This gift bag is amazing!

  6. avatar
    ktommo |  Posted at 11:22 am Dec 13th

    Hope you had a good birthday! I’m excited for the special! I’m 16 this month!! So excited x

  7. Clare McGuire |  Posted at 11:24 am Dec 13th

    Happy Birthday Kendall can’t wait to watch :) Good Luck everyone :)))

  8. avatar
    abikristen |  Posted at 11:24 am Dec 13th

    awh this is so sweet of you to do this, hope you had a lovely sweet 15 kendall!:)

  9. avatar
    thea |  Posted at 11:25 am Dec 13th

    What a great gift! Love from Norway<3

  10. avatar
    Clare1997 |  Posted at 11:27 am Dec 13th

    Woah this is amazing! Happy Birthday!!! Good Luck everyone :)

  11. Sonja Nguyen |  Posted at 11:29 am Dec 13th

    Kylie & you is my biggest fashion inspirations.<3
    + where I live, you can't get any of those things.
    Loooooove you.<3

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    magdaaa785 |  Posted at 11:30 am Dec 13th

    Wow that’s awesome I want this;D!!!

  13. avatar
    zhonathanreiss |  Posted at 11:30 am Dec 13th

    I’m probably your and Kylie’s biggest guy fan. No big deal or anything…..

  14. Caitlyn Hardman |  Posted at 11:30 am Dec 13th

    hey Kendall <3 your amazing n gorgeous in every way….I cant wait to see your sweet 16 brithday its gonna be amazing hehe…love from caitlyn :D all the way from england(liverpool) but im originally from south africa xD the lions say hi to xxxxxxxxxx

  15. avatar
    lehhhbabe |  Posted at 11:31 am Dec 13th

    Happy Birthday Kendall! good luck to everyone! amazing gift bag!

  16. Nicole Cooper |  Posted at 11:32 am Dec 13th

    hey kendall! you’re the most amazing girl in the world! you and kylie and beyond beautiful:) im from england so I probably won’t win but if so then omg I LOVE YOU!! its my birthday on 16th December and im 14:) You guys are my inspirations, I loveyou both and your family, your unbelievably gorgeous inside and out:) LOVEYOU FOREVER AND EVER XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  17. avatar
    curleetam |  Posted at 11:34 am Dec 13th

    Happy Birthday!!! The gift looks great enter me!!

  18. Kenna Hope Creel |  Posted at 11:34 am Dec 13th

    I’m praying you’ll pick me… this would make an awesome gift for my little sister’s sweet sixteenth!! :)

  19. avatar
    blankie |  Posted at 11:37 am Dec 13th

    I will love to win this for my daugther, at this moment i’m not working. This will be a perfect gift for christmas for her. THANK YOU GIRLS ‘AND GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY’.

  20. avatar
    m-eo-w |  Posted at 11:38 am Dec 13th

    aw yay kendall i hope you had an amazing birthday i cant wait to watch your birthday, all this stuff looks amazing, whoever wins it is so luck, hope you have an amazing christmas with all your family! xxx

  21. Georgia Rodrigues |  Posted at 11:39 am Dec 13th

    omg kendall, i’m so excited with this contest that i can even type, i’m literally shaking and almost crying, i love you and your family so much and the internet seems to be the only way to “connect” to you, since i dont live in usa :(
    i know that the chances to win this give away are minimum, but the hope it the last one that die
    sorry for the bad english, love you, kisses.

  22. avatar
    Jessxx3 |  Posted at 11:39 am Dec 13th

    this would seriously make my life if i won this bag considering i have never won anything before. you are so incredibly beautiful and i cant want to watch the special! (:

  23. Loren Valla |  Posted at 11:40 am Dec 13th

    so excited for dec 20! i loveee you!

  24. kendalldaily |  Posted at 11:43 am Dec 13th

    This is amazing!!! I´m looking forward to seeing your Sweet 16 on E! Too bad it won´t premiere in Holland yet. Hope you had a blast, and thanks so much for this giveaway! I hope I can participate from Holland!

    Love from Holland.
    xoxo, Jill. (It would mean the world to me and Leigh if you would check out our site, Kendalldaily.net)

  25. Adeline Lulo |  Posted at 11:46 am Dec 13th

    <33333 :) Happy Belated dolll

  26. Christina Geary |  Posted at 11:48 am Dec 13th

    Im a big Fan of your family and i think you girls are great role models and Fashion icons. I live in New Zealand so we don’t get you girls visiting, I really want to win :) Thanks for the Opportunity xx

  27. avatar
    nadiacumine |  Posted at 11:48 am Dec 13th

    oh my gosh! all of that? and the special?? i so badly want to win that!

  28. avatar
    charlotte |  Posted at 11:48 am Dec 13th

    hey Kendall,
    i would be so grateful if i won this, as you know christmas is coming up and would be really handy with presents lol :) hope you and your family have a merry chirstmas x

  29. Patricia Perry Perez |  Posted at 11:49 am Dec 13th

    Oh lala I want, please!

  30. Reannon Blum |  Posted at 11:51 am Dec 13th


  31. abbadabadoo8 |  Posted at 11:53 am Dec 13th

    Happy Sweet 16 !!

  32. Henriette Gjerde |  Posted at 11:53 am Dec 13th

    Thats so much cool! I was wisiting Dash Miami in July and in February im going to New York and probeblat will wisitind dash New York tto :) On this klast monday i got my Dollhous book in the post and i loved it! I wold feeld blessed if i got the gift bag, i never won any thing, haha :) i’ll probeblay wount now eighter, but if your not trying, ofc you wount winn haha :) yeah ahah Have a nice day !
    -Henriette from Norway btw outside of my hous right now its freezing cold and a halt meeter snow :DD

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    55555 |  Posted at 11:53 am Dec 13th

    Happy Birthday Kendall, I turned 16 too on Nov 5th – your mum’s birthday :) I really would love to win this competition it would make me sooooooo happy! thanks, Beth Wood, from London xxx

  34. Cecilia Pedraza de Aguilar |  Posted at 11:54 am Dec 13th

    Great way to celebrate!! Good luck eveyone!

  35. avatar
    lucydobsonx |  Posted at 11:54 am Dec 13th

    i think i would cry if i win this giftbag, your family have been my inspirations for years and it would be so lovely to finally have a chance to sort of be involved with one of you i guess! i live in the uk so i dont often get to have kardashian things such as the kardashian kolors so this gift would be amazing for me:) i would die to be like any of your family and i know you’ve probably heard it all before but i honestley cant express how much i love you both+your family:) i even held a mini party for you kendall and made sure everyone at my school knew it was your birthday haha! thankyou so much to you both for just being who you are, never change:) please let me win, love you<3 ps, happy 16th Kendall!xxx

  36. andressaluna |  Posted at 11:54 am Dec 13th

    I WANT IT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Nidia Solorzano |  Posted at 11:54 am Dec 13th

    OMG I luv u guys n I can’t wait to c u guys in da show… Happy sweet .16!!!!

  38. avatar
    kcordova15 |  Posted at 11:55 am Dec 13th

    I would die to have something from you guys!! xoxox

  39. Judy Lee |  Posted at 11:56 am Dec 13th

    Hi Kendall!! I admire your beauty and talent at such a young age! You’re such a great model to the teens, and the range rover was well deserved on your sweet sixteen! Keep up the outstanding work!! I am the Kardashian Klan’s #1 fan!! =)

  40. avatar
    franny1225 |  Posted at 11:57 am Dec 13th

    Happy Birthday!!!! It would be such a great christmas surprise to win one of your birthday giftbags!!!!! And i cant wait to see you sweet 16 special!!!

  41. andressaluna |  Posted at 11:58 am Dec 13th


  42. Yuliya Chervona |  Posted at 11:58 am Dec 13th

    You’re really classy and inspiring for what a 16 year old should be like. Happy Birthday.

  43. andressaluna |  Posted at 11:58 am Dec 13th


  44. andressaluna |  Posted at 11:59 am Dec 13th


  45. andressaluna |  Posted at 11:59 am Dec 13th


  46. KKjennerlove |  Posted at 12:00 pm Dec 13th

    What an amazing gifttt bag!!! I wish I could have been there for that amazing party, I’ve been counting down the days… I will always and I mean always support you through everything xoxo love you

  47. andressaluna |  Posted at 12:01 pm Dec 13th


  48. andressaluna |  Posted at 12:01 pm Dec 13th


  49. myyriam |  Posted at 12:02 pm Dec 13th

    Kendall, you’re my role model and I admire you so much, you inspire me and give me the strength to believe in myself. ! xo

  50. andressaluna |  Posted at 12:02 pm Dec 13th


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