Enter to Win a Gift Bag from My Sweet 16!

Hey guys! My Sweet 16 Special is airing Monday, December 19, and I could not be more excited! The party itself was a blast and I cannot wait to re-live it! As a special thank you to my fans, I wanted to do a giveaway with one of the gift bags from the party. All of the guests received one of these and I saved one for one lucky winner!

Here’s what the gift bag includes… 

  • My colors from Kardashian Kolors, our Nicole by OPI Nail Polish Collection
  • Stila Lip Glaze Trio and Eye Shadow Palette
  • NYX Cosmetics 15-Piece Makeup Brush Set
  • California Christiania Republic Jumpsuit
  • Dick Cottons Sunglasses
  • RumbaTime Watch
  • Archive 1887 T-Shirts
  • i360 Headphone Beanies
  • Kai Fragrance Body Butter
  • Capezio New York Legwarmers
  • Twistband Hair Ties
  • Cellairis iPhone 4 Cases
  • Woodees vintage Stereo Earphones
  • WkShp Graphic Tees and Tanks
  • Line & Dot Shirts
  • Yogurtland Gift Cards
  • Ihome Travel Alarm Clock for iPod
  • LeSportsac Large Weekender
  • BCBGeneration Pencil Case
  • Featherlocks Hair Extensions

It’s super easy to enter — all you have to do is leave a comment below. Doesn’t have to be anything specific, any old comment will do :). You have until Tuesday, December 20, at 12pm PT to enter.

Click through the gallery to see some of the items you could win and don’t forget to tune in this Monday, December 19, at 9pm to watch Kendall’s Sweet 16 on E!.


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  1. avatar
    craeee |  Posted at 12:28 am Dec 14th

    I would love to win this ! I’m turning 16 on January 8 and it would mean a lot if i could win this gift bag.
    It’d would be the best gift ever :)

  2. Lillian Lin |  Posted at 12:29 am Dec 14th

    kendall nicole jenner <3 ! your the inspiration to millions of girls around the world, for whom i am one of them! your one of the most amazing people in the world and it feels weird to know hat your around my age! i am actuallly so obsessed with your whole family, i love your kind nature and personality, i still remember that episode from keeping up season 1 when you and kylie were torturing your big bro brody or when you got that puppy your mom let you buy and how you kept it away from your dad for so long…. now you have grown up to be one of the most amazing people i wish i knew well. i wish i could have the relationship between you and kylie with someone!! :( i actuallly feel so honored how your birthday is one day after mine :P it would mean the world to me if you just read this but words cant explain how honored i would be if you chose me out of this thousands of people!

    love you more than you will ever know <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. Jordan Haddad |  Posted at 12:32 am Dec 14th

    happy birthday kendall! hope you had an awsome night ! ive watched every episode of the show ahha best show i must admit :)

  4. Deevyn Atsegbua |  Posted at 12:37 am Dec 14th

    Pls pick me kendall im a huge fan from nigeria <3 xo

  5. Shahrzad Gilani |  Posted at 12:42 am Dec 14th

    Hi Kendall! Hope you had a great 16th birthday party, you keep getting prettier every year :) I would die if I won this, love ya :D

  6. Iris Ly |  Posted at 12:43 am Dec 14th

    Hi Kendall :) I aboslutely love everything in the bag! Its a bonus too cause December 20th is my birthday! :D Wish you had more to give out though! Love you Kendall and Kylie xoxo

  7. avatar
    tina41 |  Posted at 12:44 am Dec 14th

    Hey!! it would be amazing if i won it bcs it’s my bday on january 4, and it’s christmas and it’s gift by you, so…. it would be really cool…. :) <3
    merry xmas and happy NY everyone!!!

  8. Iris Ly |  Posted at 12:45 am Dec 14th

    December 20th is my birthday! hahah BONUS! Love you Kendall and Kylie, I’ll always support you both no matter what happens :) Good luck to everyone who’s entering! *Fingers crossed* xoxo

  9. Iris Ly |  Posted at 12:46 am Dec 14th

    It has been a honour to have you two and the rest of your family to be in my life! I can’t wait to watch your Sweet 16 on December 19th! :D Love you Kendall and Kylie xoxoxo

  10. Courtney Cruz |  Posted at 12:47 am Dec 14th

    would love to win the gift bag big fan of the kardashians. Hope you had an amazing 16 birthday kendall jenner

  11. Iris Ly |  Posted at 12:49 am Dec 14th

    I look up to you both so much! Love you Kendall and Kylie xoxoxo

  12. Iris Ly |  Posted at 12:49 am Dec 14th

    I wonder if posting more comments increases the chances of you winning… :)

  13. avatar
    Jazzie |  Posted at 12:53 am Dec 14th

    Wow!!! That giftbag sounds AMAZING! :D love you and your show! xxx

  14. avatar
    adele |  Posted at 12:54 am Dec 14th


  15. avatar
    meimeispringwater |  Posted at 12:58 am Dec 14th

    omg !!! i want one ! fricken baaaddd ! LOVE YOU GUYS ! so gorgg !

  16. Ulla Rozīte |  Posted at 1:01 am Dec 14th

    Hi Kendall! :))
    Happy birthday! Hope you had an amazing day. Can’t wait for E special!
    ♥ you.

  17. Jennifer Balicki |  Posted at 1:02 am Dec 14th

    I would love a gift bag!!! I remember my sweet sixteen! My friends and family made it the best ever!!!! I’m a single mom, recently made unemployed… And also take care of my mother financially, it’s been difficult and I’ve had to give up on ever being able to have any extra little fun things that help me feel beautiful or special. This would make my day, my year! 2012 hasn’t really been the best! I think you are gorgeous and love you ad your family! You all inspire me to be something great!

  18. Mara Scarlett |  Posted at 1:03 am Dec 14th

    Hey Kenny, the Kardashian/Jenner fam is amazing u all stick together no matter what. I love that i am teaching my twin daughters to grow up loving and with such great morals like Kris taught you all. Your mum has done an amazing job, wish she was my mummy too lol. Give kisses to all the fam for me. God bless you all and happy holidays from here in London x x x mwah

  19. Emily Boulton |  Posted at 1:05 am Dec 14th

    Kendall you are such a beautiful girl and I think it’s so sweet that you are giving away a prize pack to one lucky fan. Can’t wait to see the episode on Monday! XXX

  20. avatar
    trina808 |  Posted at 1:06 am Dec 14th

    love you kendall! you’re gorg!!! (:

  21. avatar
    alexandriap |  Posted at 1:08 am Dec 14th

    would love to win this!! xxx

  22. avatar
    er_xoxo |  Posted at 1:13 am Dec 14th

    I know the chances of me winning are one in a million but this would be down right amazing and probably make my whole year.

  23. avatar
    er_xoxo |  Posted at 1:17 am Dec 14th

    your so much younger than me and yet your a million times more gorgeous than I will ever be! stay flawless!

  24. avatar
    laurenn.x |  Posted at 1:18 am Dec 14th

    love you xx

  25. Imelda Priveta |  Posted at 1:26 am Dec 14th

    hey kendall :) you’re my fashion icon. i love your fashion. i really wish i could get those stuff from you 16th birthday and btw i’m also 16 but way shorter than you.

  26. avatar
    Irene |  Posted at 1:27 am Dec 14th

    Hey Kendal i’m from Cyprus a small island and i’m watching you from here you and all of your sisters…you are so beautiful and my birthday is in 2 days at 16 December happy birthdayyyyyyy xx

  27. Nike Minaj |  Posted at 1:33 am Dec 14th

    I Love Youre Style You are gorgeous. I was this year also 16 years old and would be happy if I win the giftbag!! <3 xoxo

  28. Taylor Nicole Miller |  Posted at 1:34 am Dec 14th

    I hope you had the best birthday ever…its the one you will always remember! I just wanted to say you and your family are very inspirational!!! I know it sounds like I’m saying that just for the gift bag but I really mean it!! Have a good Christmas and new years!!! God Bless you and your family!!

  29. Christian Gutierrez |  Posted at 1:37 am Dec 14th

    My daughter will love to get this for Christmas, the problem is the I am in the army and we are overseas in Germany serving our country. But we wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a great New Year, GOD Bless

  30. ayekiraaa |  Posted at 1:37 am Dec 14th

    thats really sweet of you to kendall :)
    i wouldn’t mind getting that haha

  31. avatar
    Mcmanus13 |  Posted at 1:41 am Dec 14th

    Pick me pick me!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  32. Kacey Rae Thomas |  Posted at 1:44 am Dec 14th

    There’s no chance in me winning this but I figured I’d try anyways. I love the karshian family!
    And happy belated 16th Kendall!

  33. Eugénie Guillermain |  Posted at 1:44 am Dec 14th

    Hé Salut Kendall je tien a te dire un joyeux anniversaire pour tait 16 ans et ton sac cadeaux et vraiment Cool j’aimerait tellement le gagner Bon +++

  34. April Dennis |  Posted at 1:48 am Dec 14th

    Would like to enter the giveaway. :D

  35. srshearwood |  Posted at 1:49 am Dec 14th

    JENNERATION !!! This is fantastic, everything in the gift bag is amazing ! happy 16th kendall, love you dolls xx

  36. avatar
    sweety99 |  Posted at 1:55 am Dec 14th

    omg i love all this stuff its the best i cant believe your actualy giving it away i love it and i really hope i win like seriously i think you guys should come to canberra australia one time that would be the best just to see you in person

  37. Caroline Db |  Posted at 1:59 am Dec 14th

    I would love to have the feather extensions :) can’t find them anywhere ! xoxo

  38. Crystal Yang |  Posted at 2:04 am Dec 14th

    Even though I never win these kind of giveaways I always try! Cant wait to watch you sweet 16 as well. This would make my life if i won and of course share with my younger sister! im 15, 16 soon and my sister is 14. Kinda like you and kylie;) our role models!!

  39. avatar
    Reeem♥ |  Posted at 2:07 am Dec 14th

    WOW WOW WOW! Would LOVE to win this amazing bag!
    Hope to win, Love from your BIGGEST fan in DUBAI xoxo LOVE YOU!!!!!!!♥ ♥ ♥

  40. Megan Walker |  Posted at 2:10 am Dec 14th

    Dear Kendall and Kylie,
    I am a massive fan of the two of you and the rest of your family. You are both a huge inspiration to me and I admire that you are both so down to earth and normal, even though you have grown up in fame and fortune. I am the same age as Kylie and I love seeing your tweets and realising that you both do exactly the same things that me and my friends do. I have watched every episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians and all of the other related series even though I live in Australia and it is very hard to find ways to watch the shows. I have been looking forward to seeing Kendall’s Sweet 16th special for so long now, and when I saw this post I instantly realised that I had to enter because I wish that I could have gone to Kendall’s sweet 16th! I don’t want to sound like an ‘obsessed fan’ or creep you guys out, but I am a huge fan and I look up to you both and admire you, so I would be SO grateful, beyond belief if I could win this gift pack!

  41. avatar
    allanahgriffiths |  Posted at 2:15 am Dec 14th

    Heres my ‘any old comment’ haha!!

  42. Effie Margariti |  Posted at 2:21 am Dec 14th

    thats so sweet..god bless you…love you… xx

  43. Ana Valerio |  Posted at 2:21 am Dec 14th

    Hi Kendall! :) Happy Birthday :D
    I’m speechless with those gifts! There is nothing like this in Portugal :(

    Love You Kendall! :)
    Can’t wait for the special! ♥

  44. Alexgoodwin97 |  Posted at 2:22 am Dec 14th

    Hey Kendall my name is alex, im 14 and from sunny australia, im a huge fan of both you and your family and i hope you had an amazing birthday, looks like you had a blast!! x

  45. avatar
    jessloveselmo |  Posted at 2:22 am Dec 14th

    hey kendall.
    happy birthday hope you had a good one :)
    i love keeping up with the kardashians i never miss an episode im all the way from australia and am a huge fan :) it would mean soooo much to me if i won!! i hope you pick me :D


  46. Susan Mcdonald |  Posted at 2:26 am Dec 14th

    Hi kendall I’m a big fan of yours and your family from scotland the gift bag looks amazing I would love to win that xx

  47. avatar
    snec96 |  Posted at 2:26 am Dec 14th

    happy happy sweet 16 kendall! wish you all the best :D

    • avatar
      livelaughlove20 |  Posted at 8:37 am Dec 18th

      Kendall I hope you see my comments(: It would mean so much to me to win this!

  48. avatar
    dancer4lifeebabyyy |  Posted at 2:30 am Dec 14th

    OMG this is amazing! I would die if I won this.
    Cant wait to watch your sweet 16th, Kendall!!

  49. Katie Dalton |  Posted at 2:32 am Dec 14th

    Hi Kendall,

    Happy 16th Birthday!!

  50. avatar
    loveyou2xoxo |  Posted at 2:37 am Dec 14th

    Hi Kendall! Cant wait 2 see the sweet 16th ! Im just prayinggggggg I win this, omg…….!!!!!

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