Fashion Diaries: Tour My Closet!

Kylie and I are seriously obsessed with fashion! I think having Kim, Khloé and Kourtney as big sisters definitely had a huge impact on our love of clothes and we are soooo lucky that they hand us down a lot of their amazing clothes and bags!

We had a lot of fun showing Seventeen Magazine around our closets! Watch the video to see my FAV bag and pair of shoes! And make sure you watch Kylie’s closet tour here.

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    Lydia NZ |  Posted at 4:59 pm Aug 11th

    You look gorgeous! New Zealand loves you guys!

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      ilovekardashians |  Posted at 5:44 pm Aug 12th

      u guys r amazing luv ya!!!! can u please show the whole closet and put on a fashion show, because i look up to u for fashion advice!!!!
      thx :)

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      kardashians and jenners 4eva |  Posted at 3:25 pm Aug 14th

      Agreed! England love u guys! xx

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    ILoveTheKDolls |  Posted at 2:45 am Aug 12th

    Kendall you know the shoes you say are your favourite, didnt you wear them to the TCA’s last week? You and Kylie looked gorgeous! xoxox

  3. @Kardash_ireland |  Posted at 3:45 am Aug 12th

    Love it.. Hope one day you tweet me or follow,,

    Leanne x

  4. Loveekendall |  Posted at 6:02 am Aug 12th

    Your favorite shoes and bags are the best ! I love you so much. Follow me on twitter @LoveeKendall please :(

  5. madiloves23 |  Posted at 3:23 pm Aug 12th

    im sooo jealous! you guys have great , no amazing taste!!!!! your gorgeous!<3

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    lizgal66 |  Posted at 1:13 pm Aug 13th

    you guys have amazing style! kendall i cant hear you voice speak up! lol

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    kendallover98 |  Posted at 2:48 pm Aug 13th

    omggg yalll r soooo prettyy!!!

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    Danah265 |  Posted at 8:34 pm Aug 14th

    u guys are sooooo prettyy

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    Danah265 |  Posted at 8:43 pm Aug 14th

    i love kylies style!!!

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    Danah265 |  Posted at 8:50 pm Aug 14th

    love ur feather earings and ur shirt in the most embrassing show thing!<3

  11. Australia1996 |  Posted at 6:24 am Aug 17th


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    lovekendall101 |  Posted at 4:31 pm Sep 26th

    LOVE YOUR STYLE !!!!!!!!!!! and the rubber boots <3

  13. Dash Maxwell |  Posted at 2:42 am Oct 28th

    hi girls good job, interesting topic.go in too more show s, good look trends.,it would be kool.dash.

  14. Luísa Maria Muñoz |  Posted at 6:09 am Oct 28th


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