Found Rob Passed Out in Kendall’s Bed

Kylie Jenner poc of Rob Kardashian Passed Out in Kendall's Bed

Found @robkardashian passed out in Kendall’s bed!

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  1. dez kardashian |  Posted at 5:21 pm May 2nd

    that is sooooooooooooo cute!! He can fall asleep in my bed any time!!!
    Love you guys sooooo much xoxox

  2. K&KFan |  Posted at 5:47 pm May 2nd

    You and Kendall should totally have sex with him! He is only your half-brother after all.

    • Stephanie Forrette |  Posted at 9:42 pm Jan 15th

      That’s fucked up

  3. avatar
    tcpayne6 |  Posted at 7:13 pm May 2nd

    You are absolutely disgusting and sick to leave a comment like that on a freaking child’s blog! Such a sick pervert! Anywho this is adorable. Love Kendall’s room very chic

  4. laura!xox |  Posted at 12:51 am May 3rd

    lol! makes me laugh!

  5. heartxbeat |  Posted at 7:31 am May 3rd

    Hahaha :]

  6. rhian |  Posted at 10:50 am May 3rd

    awww haha

  7. rhian |  Posted at 10:53 am May 3rd

    is that the picture from kendalls party? if so its sooo cute

  8. catinapi |  Posted at 3:33 pm May 3rd

    KENDALL’S ROOM IS VERY NICE, I WANT you to get into A PHOTO OF YOUR ROOM WOULD BE NICE. I love you’re connected to your fans. Please say hi to your family especially kendall, I love you .sorry if there are any errors. :( ILOVEU SO MUCH

  9. Kdoll |  Posted at 3:16 am May 7th

    awww thats so cute!

  10. Australia1996 |  Posted at 2:14 am May 8th

    I love the way Rob dresses HIS GOT SWAG

  11. avatar
    tifferella |  Posted at 6:53 pm May 8th

    Lol, at Rob! He must have been really tired. Love his Jordans, I wish they bring the gray and blue ones back out!!

  12. EmiliaDlove |  Posted at 2:03 am May 15th

    LOL Rob :D
    i also love the mini Kendall thats standing in the corner, soo cute :)

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    kmc33 |  Posted at 4:55 pm Nov 6th

    hahah love this, and not to be weird, but by any chance do you remember where you got all your bedroom furniture, im in love, especially your wallpaper, or if you dont know, then does your mom, because i am obsessed, thankss <3

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    lizie |  Posted at 4:38 pm Jun 17th

    Where did you get your fur throw? And where did you get the three pillow throws on your bed? I love them! Thanks :)

  15. Stephanie Forrette |  Posted at 9:44 pm Jan 15th

    Wow, Rob looks great! It looks like he is finally loosing that weight. Good for him, I know it was really getting to him.

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