Found This Photo of Me and Cici

Kylie Jenner Cici Kardashian Khaos Instagram

Found this photo of me and CC! Miss her #kardashiankhoas

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    aranzacaballero |  Posted at 6:11 pm Apr 18th

    Kyliee! you look soo beautiful:D

  2. Kdoll |  Posted at 6:24 am Apr 19th


  3. Lou Harper |  Posted at 2:18 pm Apr 19th

    Why Kylie is so ugly ?

    • Courtney Miller |  Posted at 12:06 pm Apr 27th

      You must be looking at yourself in the mirror right now because it’s obviously not to Kylie. She’s way prettier than you’ll ever be.

  4. Australia1996 |  Posted at 3:58 am Apr 20th

    kylie your a wonderful person inside and out :)

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    lizgal66 |  Posted at 5:27 pm Apr 23rd

    Kylie you are gorgeous! i love this so much keep looking beautiful! :)

  6. Lou Harper |  Posted at 4:20 pm Apr 27th

    Haha, Courtney you’re just jealous of me. #fatcourtneymiller.

    • avatar
      jelly |  Posted at 5:59 pm Jul 8th

      Don’t be rude to Courtney Miller you don’t even know her

  7. Lou Harper |  Posted at 8:06 am Jul 13th

    Shut up Jelly, really. #biatchhhh

    • avatar
      jelly |  Posted at 4:50 pm Aug 16th

      Do not tell me to shut up because i have not done anything to you. I have just told you to stop being so rude. And by the way if you are going to call me a name atleast have the guts to actually say it.

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