Frank Ocean Faves

Kylie Jenner Shares Frank Ocean Favorites

I posted this pic on Instagram a few days ago. “Domesticated paradise” is part of a line in a Frank Ocean song— I am currently obsessed with his music! I love it so much I thought I’d share my top six favorite Frank Ocean songs right now! Enjoy!! :)

1. Super Rich Kids

2. Sweet Life

3. Pyramids

4. Swim Good

5. Bad Religion

6. Forrest Gump

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  1. CBSharpe |  Posted at 1:43 pm Aug 29th

    Ahh, you’re perfect! You never reply to me on Twitter though when I tweet you :(

  2. FilipTosic |  Posted at 3:56 pm Aug 29th

    This picture is fantastic,good music taste…Love you so much,you and your sister are my too favourite girls on the planet!<3333

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    lovethejennerfam |  Posted at 4:47 pm Aug 29th

    just finished crying because i am not like u….dead serious…swear on my life

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    ST |  Posted at 1:04 am Aug 31st

    COOL pic kylie :))

  5. KKCaelen |  Posted at 9:14 am Aug 31st

    Cool! =D

  6. hania17 |  Posted at 8:20 am Sep 4th

    I like these songs they are really cool thanks :)

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    emily-sarah |  Posted at 6:32 pm Oct 2nd

    His performamce of Thinin’ Bout You at the VMA’s gave me goosebumps! So amazing.

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    emily-sarah |  Posted at 6:41 pm Oct 2nd


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