Genlux Looks

  • Kendall Jenner for GenLux-3
  • Kendall Jenner for GenLux-7
  • Kendall Jenner for GenLux-5
  • Kendall Jenner for GenLux-8
  • Kendall Jenner for GenLux-12

Kendall Jenner for GenLux-6

Hi loves! I did a shoot with Genlux Magazine a little while ago and the photos are finally coming out. The Genlux team was so amazing to work with and I had such a great time! Look for the Fall 2012 issue! :)

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  1. vickyy14 |  Posted at 1:09 pm Sep 12th

    There are no words for this cover. It’s absolutely breathtaking. You look so elegant and classy.

    You’re such a successful model, and your just gonna grow and grow.

    So so pretty. Obsessed with this cover. <3

  2. FilipTosic |  Posted at 1:47 pm Sep 12th

    They are so beautiful,its almost impossible!!Kylie and Kendall are so beautiful!<33Kendall you are so fantastic,love you!<33

  3. Guleid Isse |  Posted at 3:13 pm Sep 12th

    You are so beautiful Kendall. It will have been a great pleasure to meet you one day

  4. Fahime Dra |  Posted at 1:15 am Sep 13th

    you are wonderfully cute..

  5. avatar
    ST |  Posted at 12:58 am Sep 17th

    nice cover ken.. :)

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