Getting Silly at Kardashian Khaos!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Visit KARDASHIAN KHAOS Inside The Mirage Hotel

We had so much fun in Vegas last week! We flew into town to visit our Kardashian Khaos store at The Mirage! There were so many people there! Kylie and I always have a fun and crazy time together in Vegas.

Kim‘s going to be at Kardashian Khaos this  Sunday from 1-3pm so if you’re in town make sure you stop by the store!!

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    ShuntaBless |  Posted at 2:02 pm May 29th

    Funny. Very funny

  2. avatar
    KristianGallardo8 |  Posted at 9:30 pm May 29th

    You have to be the most gorgeous girl Kendall

  3. avatar
    KristianGallardo8 |  Posted at 9:30 pm May 29th

    Follow me for my birthday as a present:)

  4. avatar
    KristianGallardo8 |  Posted at 9:31 pm May 29th

    Twitter: Gallardo_24 or instagram: kristiangallardo8 :)<3

  5. EmiliaDlove |  Posted at 2:52 am May 30th

    Omg the beach towels are so cool! I wish I wouldnt live so far away from Vegas :’( You guys look good with those bodies :) lol love youu

  6. Australia1996 |  Posted at 4:59 am May 30th

    that’s so cute

  7. ulanharrisondav |  Posted at 5:45 am May 30th

    They’re brilliant! I WANT ONE. They need to sell these in the UK <3

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    asma elmi xoxo |  Posted at 4:02 am May 31st

    you both so beautiful xox

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    staystrong081498 |  Posted at 3:31 pm May 31st

    i wish u guys would give me a chance to be your friend.. :’( you guys are my two inspirations and my wish one day is to become best friends with you guys!

  10. avatar
    staystrong081498 |  Posted at 3:32 pm May 31st

    if you read this, please, please, give me a chance

  11. Alexandra Bornhorst |  Posted at 4:31 pm May 31st

    <3 !!!

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    Rachel Lynch |  Posted at 4:42 am Jun 16th

    Where can you get those towels and how much?

  13. camilaborde |  Posted at 10:56 am Jun 17th

    i love youuuuuuuu ♥

  14. avatar
    jessicarobinson |  Posted at 5:09 pm Jun 17th

    all too cute

  15. Kdoll |  Posted at 4:10 am Jun 20th

    Wanna have one too! :(

  16. avatar
    Chloe24xx |  Posted at 11:11 pm Jul 30th

    There shud be a Keeping Up with Kendall ad Kylie! xx

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