Girlfriend February Cover!

Hey guys! Kendall and I are so excited about our cover for the February issue of Girlfriend! We hope those of you in Australia can pick up a copy! xoxo

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  1. Kyla Wilcox |  Posted at 10:48 am Jan 23rd

    wow, i love it, so cute

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      jacobn123 |  Posted at 1:30 pm Jan 23rd

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      ccdd |  Posted at 4:29 pm Jan 23rd

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  2. Mike Henkel |  Posted at 11:28 am Jan 23rd

    meet Kourtney man I missed this (WHY) do I allways miss out on life (WHY)

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    kendallkylieaustralia |  Posted at 12:52 am Jan 25th

    Can’t wait to get my own copy!

  4. yesac101 |  Posted at 7:18 pm Jan 25th

    I’m in New Zealand and I got my copy! :D I love it!!

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    Ashlouise |  Posted at 5:58 pm Jan 31st

    Hey girls! firstly you are such an insparation !! you guys are so sown to earth and it makes me angry when i hear bad things about you! :(( any ways my sister has a subscribtion to girlfriend so we got the mag and we love you !!

  6. Marko Krebel |  Posted at 1:19 am Feb 2nd

    I wanna Kendall and Kylie to add me on my facebook profile…Marko Krebel… i am from Croatia…and i love you

  7. Mike Chavez |  Posted at 11:49 pm Jan 26th


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