Girls Who Wear Glasses

“how cute are youu!” – dad

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  1. Agatone Guia |  Posted at 6:52 pm Nov 28th

    im a kendall fan.. :)

  2. Vince Criss Angel |  Posted at 9:48 pm Nov 28th

    so adorable :)

  3. Fanny |  Posted at 3:27 am Nov 29th


  4. avatar
    brooke b |  Posted at 4:49 am Nov 29th

    I love your glasses Kendall!

  5. Maria Carolina Oliveira Lopes |  Posted at 7:27 am Nov 29th

    Linda,maravilhosa :))

  6. Zachary Lougheed |  Posted at 7:16 am Dec 3rd

    i love ya kendall i kinda have a crush on you :) and wow your so Beautiful Godbless you hun :D

  7. LovveKylie&Kendall |  Posted at 11:01 am Dec 4th

    haha :D My dad also says that . I have the same glasses xoxo
    Cuuute ;)

  8. avatar
    ST |  Posted at 11:21 pm Dec 4th

    cute, oh stunning eyes. u look like kim

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