Going in Circles

Kylie Jenner Circular Sunglasses Trend
Still loving these circular sunnies. Even though it’s not summer, you can still rock a killer pair of shades.

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    Liz Young |  Posted at 10:30 am Nov 7th

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  2. Brent Atwood |  Posted at 1:48 pm Nov 13th

    Kylie. That’s my good friend Rachel Lynch from ihateblonde.com in the Wildfox pic. She’ll be so pumped to see this http://instagram.com/ihateblonde/

  3. Rachel Lynch |  Posted at 2:36 pm Nov 13th

    that’s me!
    check out all my looks with circle sunnies on —

  4. Rebecca Rendina |  Posted at 12:16 pm Nov 19th

    I’m the girl with the pink hair <3 Let's visit my fashion blog! http://www.solorebecca.com

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