Gold and Silver-Lined My Heart


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  1. Desiree VanCuren |  Posted at 6:13 pm Jan 2nd

    Is that a freckle on your hand!??! My cousin and I have random freckles on our hands and feet and always randomly crack up about them!

  2. Yvonne Taylor Rodriguez |  Posted at 6:28 pm Jan 2nd

    haha Micheal Kors Jewelry.

  3. hollieKK |  Posted at 7:31 pm Jan 2nd

    don’t know if you’ll reply but whatever;p, I think you girls are fab! Love you both, and I can not wait for your clothing line! You both inspire me so this is the year I”m gonna try and do things I want to, which in a way you two have helped! I would love it if you would reply or something? Thank you both, have a great new year love you dolls x x x x x x x

  4. Larissa Cardoso |  Posted at 8:04 am Jan 3rd

    hi, I’m your Brazilian fa!
    Love you too

  5. Marina Cain |  Posted at 6:32 pm Jan 25th

    So pretty, Brazil here O/

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