Green Hair, Don’t Care

Kylie Jenner Green Hair for Abbey Dawn

Backstage at Abbey Dawn!

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  1. pedroleon305 |  Posted at 4:52 pm Sep 10th

    you are soo pretty !!!!!

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      Kaylee143 |  Posted at 5:02 pm Sep 10th

      She is(:

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    Kaylee143 |  Posted at 4:55 pm Sep 10th

    Really cue Kylie text me(:

  3. Sxean Lee-David |  Posted at 12:26 am Sep 11th

    Hi beautiful Princess. :) You’re beautiful in any color hair.

  4. Roberto Varela |  Posted at 8:14 am Sep 11th

    you look sexy

  5. carmengaby98 |  Posted at 9:22 am Sep 11th

    so cool love it

  6. carmengaby98 |  Posted at 9:35 am Sep 11th

    u actually painted your hair green or it is a wig ? well either way u look stunning

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    LindsayLuv11 |  Posted at 5:51 pm Sep 11th

    Omg it doesn’t matter any color hair you have!

  8. FilipTosic |  Posted at 1:43 pm Sep 12th

    They are so beautiful,its almost impossible!!Kylie and Kendall are so beautiful!<33

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    kendall and kylie 4 evaxxx |  Posted at 10:33 am Sep 27th

    WOW! what happened there?xx<3 lolerzz

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