You make me happyyyyy..♡

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  1. Miky Muro Huizar |  Posted at 5:42 pm Jan 11th

    so cute kylie we should date hahaha

  2. johnstamos24 |  Posted at 7:23 pm Jan 11th

    So I had posted keeked back at you yesterday and I really hoped you saw it…It was me saying how you are just downright awesome and how I’m not like the other fans. I’d say that a lot of people like you just because you are famous but also because you’re a cool famous person. You’re funny, sweet, and have an overall amazing personality. But besides that you’re beautiful too. I’m different from the others. I actually like you for who you are and for some reason I get a feeling inside that we are destined to be together. So Kylie, if you can see this…Just give me a sign. I want to know that there may be a chance in the future. I’m a fun, hysterical guy and am also so nice. Thanks Kylie, and do me one favor, don’t change. You’re perfect the way you are and nobody should tell you otherwise. If you ever want to contact me, here’s some information. Twitter: @kylelevy123 email: kylelevy123@aol.com is the one I check mostly. Or you can find me through this comment. I’m here waiting Kylie, waiting for you and I’ll never stop. <3

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    dondon |  Posted at 8:32 am Jan 12th

    Oh my god..look at these!! https://www.facebook.com/2facedfunksofficial
    PINK DJ’S lol they are so cute and handsome!!

  4. Thumper |  Posted at 8:40 am Jan 12th

    it’s was like seeing my favorite cat food commercial ….. Emotions ;)

  5. LovveKylie&Kendall |  Posted at 1:47 pm Jan 12th
  6. Isabel Thanmithak |  Posted at 5:24 pm Jan 13th

    @isaaabelmarie on insta . follow!

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    ST |  Posted at 11:47 pm Jan 13th

    ahh u have a beautiful hair style. love it

  8. Mike Chavez |  Posted at 11:04 pm Jan 25th


  9. Jesse Puloka |  Posted at 11:51 pm Jan 25th

    Man you got the x factor haha. hopefully I can meet you one day when I visit the US! stay beautiful (:

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