Happy Halloween!

Kylie Jenner Halloween Nails
Little preview…my Halloween nails! What are you dressing up as?

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  1. Marliny Caridad |  Posted at 4:12 pm Oct 31st

    i’m a sweetie sailor <3

  2. Kendallalltheway |  Posted at 4:36 pm Oct 31st

    I’m dressing up as Kendall!!! :)

  3. avatar
    ST |  Posted at 3:48 am Nov 2nd


  4. KlassyJenners |  Posted at 6:30 pm Nov 2nd

    Kylie I love your nails, as always!

  5. abhishek weerasinghe |  Posted at 10:22 pm Nov 2nd

    I wish I can show you that how much I love you.

  6. felicia_i love kylie |  Posted at 11:44 pm Nov 4th

    Kylie will you please come Phuket Thailand im a huge fan !! i want to meet you !!
    btw cute nails xxx

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