Fun in the ‘Hunger Games’ Bing Box!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Interview Liam Hemsworth

Hi everyone. Here’s the video of me and Kylie in the Bing Box at last week’s premiere of The Hunger Games. We had a blast!!!! We interviewed so many cool people, including Josh Hutcherson, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Kid Cudi, to name a few! We had a bowl filled with pieces of paper with questions on them, and each person we interviewed had to pick a question out and answer it. We got some pretty funny responses. Watch the video below to see what everyone had to say. 

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    dlech19 |  Posted at 8:41 am Mar 20th

    Ya’ll r so silly! I <3 it!! :)

  2. avatar
    eivilduccy |  Posted at 9:42 am Mar 21st

    you guys look so grown up in you gorgeous dresses! <3 :)

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    ST |  Posted at 12:13 am Mar 23rd

    U guys are a cute n funny couple for an interview, n the funniest thing of the interview was when Kylie b’came cranky hahaha.. love ya’ :))

  4. Kdoll |  Posted at 5:47 am Mar 24th

    Honestly, with that kind of accent you both even look hotter and more attractive. Just sayin! but even without that i still freakin love you both. Mwahhh :* btw Kendall && Kylie.. Keep it up, you always making me laugh so hard like seriously. xx

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    pauljohn |  Posted at 7:27 pm Mar 26th

    nice video, LOL Kendall and Kylie..! <3

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    pauljohn |  Posted at 7:28 pm Mar 26th

    i also like the animal stripes, LOL..!

  7. heartxbeat |  Posted at 2:33 am Apr 14th

    Omg, I love this interview :), laughed so much.
    KENDALL & KYLIE = Awesooooome

  8. avatar
    jenna |  Posted at 5:03 pm Apr 21st

    Well, I think you would win Kylie(;

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    serena301amy |  Posted at 8:02 pm Jun 20th

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    NIKITA |  Posted at 9:42 am Jul 20th

    love the vidoe sweet and cute!!!

  11. kendallandkyliefanforever |  Posted at 4:03 am Jul 31st

    luv u guys amazing xx

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