I’m Making My Acting Debut on ‘Hawaii-Five-O’

Kendall Jenner Acting Debut Hawaii Five-O October

I am SO excited to reveal to you all that I am going to be making my acting debut on Hawaii Five-O!! My episode will air in October this year and I can’t wait to get started on filming.

This is such an incredible opportunity for me and I’m excited for this new experience!!!

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  1. Vanner Hallow |  Posted at 12:26 pm Aug 17th

    Gratz <3 Good Luck ♥

  2. Laetitia Vanhollebeke |  Posted at 12:26 pm Aug 17th

    Congratulation Kendall I Like This Show So Much

  3. Julie Strand |  Posted at 12:27 pm Aug 17th

    Oh wow, i’m so happy for you! Good Luck, you are amazing at everything you do, so i’m sure you will do perfect on the show! xx

  4. Benz Ceei |  Posted at 12:28 pm Aug 17th

    Kendall…r u ready for it? its looks like u will do good on this…see u soon on tv. more power to u…god bless!

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    HannahF |  Posted at 12:30 pm Aug 17th


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    SarahNicole |  Posted at 2:42 pm Aug 17th

    YAAAY! Congrats Ken, so excited to see you on Tv

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    BrittanyD |  Posted at 4:40 pm Aug 17th

    You Go Girl :)

  8. Cami Laborde |  Posted at 4:44 pm Aug 17th

    congrats kenny! and of course, HAVE FUN!

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    Erikk |  Posted at 7:44 pm Aug 17th

    Congrats. I’m glad you are beginning to do acting as well. Can’t wait to watch the episode. Good luck with your modeling and acting career.

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    kendalljennersbiggestfan |  Posted at 7:59 pm Aug 17th

    omg congrats!!! please reply to my comment! i am youre biggest fan ever! you are my role model and you are so gorgeous. you are my fashion role model also! i love all youre clothes and i had my mom take me to 11 diferent stores to fine the 17 issue that you were in! you inspire me to not care what other think and to be my self.

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    ST |  Posted at 12:45 am Aug 18th

    oh yay.. I would definitely watch :D heheee

  12. Claude Etwyse |  Posted at 12:09 pm Aug 19th

    congrats I watch this show every single time, and with you inside the show it will be more intresting!!

  13. Janet Villafranca Borromeo |  Posted at 1:17 pm Aug 19th

    I can’t watch you on TV here in the U.S. because I’m going to the Philippines on Sept. 30th with my mom and aunt. :(. I can watch the full episode on the internet. over there. :)

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    1997kdashjennerlover4ever |  Posted at 8:30 am Aug 20th

    congrats i’m sure you will be amazing!!

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    kardash_jenner_crazy_xx |  Posted at 10:05 am Aug 20th

    http://dashingkardash.tumblr.com/ please check out my tumblr! xoxox

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    georgina |  Posted at 12:43 am Oct 23rd

    congrats kendall you will be fine

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