I’m The Face of Beverly Center’s Fashion’s Night Out

Kendall Jenner Poster Model for Fashion's Night Out

I am so excited to be the poster model for Fashion’s Night Out at the Beverly Center. This was such a fun shoot and I’m really pleased with how the poster turned out. Kinda surreal seeing myself on this poster since I’ve shopped a the mall for years!

Fashion’s Night Out is a big celebration of the best in fashion on September 6, as part of a worldwide celebration. Fashion is a huge passion of mine so it’s a huge honor to be a part of the event, and I’m really excited for it!

You can get more details on the event here.

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  1. Sasha Monroe |  Posted at 2:10 pm Jul 26th

    So excited for you! You’re gorgeous! x

  2. avatar
    HannahF |  Posted at 2:22 pm Jul 26th

    That’s great! Love you<3

  3. avatar
    beosh |  Posted at 2:59 pm Jul 26th

    please please please follow me on twitter kylie and kendall!! @shoebwarriach

  4. Mason Sean Carter |  Posted at 3:17 pm Jul 26th

    Beautiful sister’s both of you are awesome,pretty and flawless.keep the flag flying

  5. heartxbeat |  Posted at 3:44 pm Jul 26th

    awesome Kenya, I’m so happy that you are on it.
    xx ikjenner.tumblr.com
    twitter: @ikjenner

  6. avatar
    Erikk |  Posted at 3:48 pm Jul 26th

    The poster looks awesome and you look gorgeous! I hope your modeling career becomes even more successful.

  7. Haidee De Fraine |  Posted at 7:32 am Jul 27th


    www. haideeandco.blogspot. com

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    TheDreamer |  Posted at 8:20 am Jul 27th

    Wow I love it!

  9. Australia1996 |  Posted at 10:05 am Jul 27th

    Kendall you’re gorgeous

  10. avatar
    1997kdashjennerlover4ever |  Posted at 10:34 am Jul 27th
  11. avatar
    babygrlk |  Posted at 12:59 pm Jul 27th

    WOW!!! kendall u look so GORGEOUS this pic is amazing <3

  12. avatar
    kkklove |  Posted at 1:19 pm Jul 27th

    you go girl! WOW kendall you look absoulutly stunning! this poster pic is gorgeous! hope youll have lots of fun!

  13. gretbj303 |  Posted at 9:41 pm Jul 27th

    kendall you are so pretty!!!!!!!!!!

  14. avatar
    SarahNicole |  Posted at 10:05 am Jul 28th

    You look amazing Ken, just like a doll <3

  15. K&KFan |  Posted at 1:33 pm Jul 28th

    Kendall has such gorgeous long legs.

  16. kteam |  Posted at 1:17 pm Jul 29th

    You look beautiful and flawless like always <3

  17. avatar
    ST |  Posted at 12:05 am Jul 30th

    cool poster.. congrats kendall love yaaaa :D

  18. megmeg |  Posted at 1:36 am Jul 30th

    congrats!!!! omg you look like mila kunis here

  19. Allison Finnie |  Posted at 2:34 am Jul 31st

    gorgoues! check out http://www.amazine.com, the new online magazine :)

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