Inked Up from My Feet Up

Kylie Jenner Inked Up Feet Up

Inked up from my feet up

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    Souky |  Posted at 2:58 pm Jul 11th

    wow it’s so cool !! :p i really love this ;)

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    KylieJSuperfan |  Posted at 3:00 pm Jul 11th

    Aww thats cool KYLIE :) LOVE FROM IRELAND XX

  3. Danielle Blakemore Gareth Bridger |  Posted at 3:56 pm Jul 11th

    Is it real

  4. Cristhian Solarte |  Posted at 4:02 pm Jul 11th

    sick !

  5. alice.27 |  Posted at 4:26 pm Jul 11th

    is it henna? when i went to fiji, i got a henna tattoo a long my foot(like yours). I got my name in fijian:) “Elesi” (which is alice) :) :) x

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    camrynmjolly |  Posted at 10:09 am Jul 12th

    KYLIE KYLIE KYLIE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER! Is your Tumblr account: ktropica ????? Thanks, much love Camryn xx

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    JairJimenez |  Posted at 12:54 pm Jul 12th

    I Hope I can Meet You In Person I Love Your Personality :p

  8. K&KFan |  Posted at 3:54 pm Jul 12th

    Thank you so much for posting pictures of your feet, Kylie! I’d love to see your toes though.

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    pollyxoxo |  Posted at 10:36 pm Jul 12th

    ^^^^^ that was a little freaky….

  10. kylie<3 |  Posted at 12:52 am Jul 13th

    it will be better by tommorow<3 my words of wisdom :')

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    kkklove |  Posted at 1:28 pm Jul 13th

    i love the words! it is so cute!!1

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    vanessa_diaz<3 |  Posted at 12:48 pm Jul 17th

    thats looks really cool i want to do that now!!!!

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    ST |  Posted at 11:56 pm Jul 17th

    looks like you wrote it perfectly, I probably couldn’t write as good as it LOL

  14. Carlibabayyy |  Posted at 5:53 pm Jul 20th

    I want to do this like NOW!soso perfect

  15. Chris Fortney |  Posted at 12:06 am Jul 24th

    What is your favorite thing to do when you get bored?

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