Kendall Jenner in Dress By Keepsake
A dress by KeepSake. Loving it!

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    allyy |  Posted at 2:40 pm Oct 26th

    Kylie’s dress she wore to Christmas :)

  2. Fazal Mehmood |  Posted at 8:57 am Oct 27th

    u r so nice and look like so beautiful

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    mikki_mccann |  Posted at 12:25 am Oct 29th

    Hey Kendall, When you come to Australia are you coming to Sydney? if you are do you want a tour round Sydney? xxxxxx

  4. kinang |  Posted at 2:08 pm Oct 29th

    on picture you look like Kim so beautiful :)

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    Liz Young |  Posted at 9:00 am Nov 1st

    We’re inviting all of Kris Jenner’s fans to a big Group Gift for her that we’re putting together on the largest Group Gifting site on the web: VenTribe. Join the fun and help us get her a birthday cake. Check it out here:

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    ST |  Posted at 3:16 am Nov 2nd

    cute dress..: )

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    abhishek |  Posted at 10:33 am Nov 2nd

    im preety sure ur waist is 28cm isnt it??????

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