Introducing Tumblr Tuesdays!!

  • Kendall and Kylie Jenner - Tumblr Tuesday Fan Blog
  • Kendall and Kylie Jenner - Tumblr Tuesday Fan Blog
  • Kendall and Kylie Jenner - Tumblr Tuesday Fan Blog
  • Kendall and Kylie Jenner - Tumblr Tuesday Fan Blog
  • Kendall and Kylie Jenner - Tumblr Tuesday Fan Blog

Kendall and Kylie Jenner - Tumblr Tuesday Fan Blog
Hey guys!! We are so excited to announce the start of our very own weekly Tumblr Tuesday fan blog shout-out!

For our first one, we picked a Tumblr blog that we have already seen before and love so much! This shout-out goes to Kendall & Kylie Jenner Love! We love the pictures of our photo shoots that we’ve done together, they bring back such great memories!

Starting now, comment in the section below every week and leave us the link to your fan Tumblr! We love looking at your blogs and being reminded of how blessed we are to have such dedicated fans. You guys really are the BEST!

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  1. Sarah Azya |  Posted at 12:34 pm Aug 13th please visit!!! <3

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      fred1211 |  Posted at 4:50 pm Aug 13th

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      kaly123 |  Posted at 4:57 pm Aug 13th

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    • keepit-kardashian |  Posted at 6:49 pm Aug 13th You guys are gorg! -Vanessa and Tyneisha!

    • keepit-kardashian |  Posted at 6:51 pm Aug 13th

      please bbys, pick us<3 -Tyneisha and Vanessa

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      vbmvmeru57547 |  Posted at 7:53 pm Aug 13th

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    dashdollava |  Posted at 3:13 pm Aug 13th

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    InfiniteKardashLove |  Posted at 3:23 pm Aug 13th

    Kyliee! I Love You Guys Soo Much I Hope You Pick My Blog For Your Next Tumblr Tuesday!<3

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    RebeccaVanElls |  Posted at 4:20 pm Aug 13th

    I don’t lnow if you guys are gonna see this I just wanted to say that you guys are my inpiration and Iove the both of you so much, y’all are so perfect. Like I think you guys are the sweetest and so beautiful inside out!<3 xoxo

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    flower101 |  Posted at 6:33 pm Aug 13th

    I just wanted to tell you that you guys are so beautiful and I just love you guys so much. I think that you are so beautiful and talented. I love your clothes line and I love watching all of your videos, especially the ones on family vacations.:)

  6. keepit-kardashian |  Posted at 6:48 pm Aug 13th
  7. avatar
    kendallandkyliestyleblog |  Posted at 6:50 pm Aug 13th
  8. avatar
    kendallandkyliestyleblog |  Posted at 6:50 pm Aug 13th follow for inspired/exact outfits!!!

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  10. Mikaylee Strohm |  Posted at 7:12 pm Aug 13th
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    krisemiily889 |  Posted at 8:15 pm Aug 13th

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  12. Charlene Tsai |  Posted at 11:02 pm Aug 13th

    OMG is this true. Cant believe it!!! Haha. Thank you guys so much for having time to notice us fans even with your crazy schedules. Love you both so much X

    please check out my blog: :)
    its ok if you dont choose me because there are plenty of other amazing blogs :)

    PS. happy belated kylie. youre sixteen now which is so unbelievable, we’ve watched you grow up through KUWTK <333


  13. _alexkardashian |  Posted at 12:41 am Aug 14th – please look, love you!

  14. kardashjennerid |  Posted at 12:57 am Aug 14th
  15. avatar
    kardashifans |  Posted at 2:21 am Aug 14th

    would love it if you checked out my blog!
    i know the name is kardashian but I dedicate my blog to you guys as well, i just really loved my url haha x

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    muna |  Posted at 2:53 am Aug 14th


  17. kyliejennur |  Posted at 3:11 am Aug 14th

    It would mean the world to me if you checked out my blog, i love you guys so SO much! You’re my idols! :)

  18. kimkourtkhloe |  Posted at 9:35 am Aug 14th

    despite of url i still edit pictures of you guys :)

  19. kylieskj |  Posted at 10:31 am Aug 14th

    I literally live for you two i love you both so so so much and it’d mean the world to me if you picked me!

  20. kylieskendalls |  Posted at 10:41 am Aug 14th

    My faves forever! It will mean the whole world to me if I´m choosen! You´ll make my dreams!

  21. avatar
    Emily-Jane |  Posted at 7:26 pm Aug 14th
  22. Cony Ulloa Astudillo |  Posted at 10:24 pm Aug 14th

    check mine

  23. Kataia Stephen |  Posted at 11:20 pm Aug 14th
  24. Yvonne Zerrythynn On |  Posted at 12:09 am Aug 15th please view mine!! Love you guys to the moon and back!! <33333

  25. Yvonne Zerrythynn On |  Posted at 12:14 am Aug 15th take a look at my tumblr some day <3 xx

  26. Gloria Martha Cervantes Higareda |  Posted at 12:26 am Aug 15th

    son geniales,son buen ejemplo para la juventud..sigan para adelante,

  27. Petii |  Posted at 2:45 am Aug 15th Please take a look at it, it would mean so much to me :’3 xx

  28. kimsdaughter_ |  Posted at 5:26 am Aug 15th

    I’m obsessed with you two, please check mine out love you gurrllls ♥♥

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    tatis_ft |  Posted at 2:12 pm Aug 15th

    So my tumblr is go and look ! Im colombian :)

  30. jennerdaily |  Posted at 3:36 pm Aug 15th

    i’ve had my blog for nearly 3 years and i’ve never stopped supporting! i’d be so blessed if you picked me, i love you guys and put a lot of effort into making this blog great for you!♥

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    mimikollie |  Posted at 3:38 pm Aug 15th

  32. avatar
    ellen-smith |  Posted at 4:47 pm Aug 15th – please look at my blog, love you guys x

  33. kylieskendalls |  Posted at 6:31 pm Aug 15th

    please check out mine it will mean everything to me cause you´re my role models!

  34. jennerdaily |  Posted at 4:46 am Aug 16th

    this is the link btw ♥

  35. avatar
    KendallandKylieJennerfans |  Posted at 6:50 am Aug 16th
    You guys are so inspiring and talented and it would be an honour if you guys checked out my tumblr!

  36. avatar
    albert |  Posted at 12:05 pm Aug 16th


  37. Suwaree Teanpru |  Posted at 11:33 am Aug 17th
  38. jennerangels |  Posted at 3:05 pm Aug 17th

    Please check out my tumblr,, also my twitter which also is jennerangels. Love you both.

  39. avatar
    KendallKylieDoll |  Posted at 4:55 pm Aug 17th

  40. Mary Kelly |  Posted at 10:00 pm Aug 18th
  41. Francheska Giorgio Di Geronimo |  Posted at 6:49 am Aug 19th

    Hey guys! Hope you check out my tumblr the new Jenneration baby!!!! I’ll support you Kendall & Kylie no matter what!

  42. Francheska Giorgio Di Geronimo |  Posted at 6:51 am Aug 19th

    Ky!! I have gotten a lot of pics from your sweet 16 on my tumblr which I love very much! Please pick me xo

  43. Francheska Giorgio Di Geronimo |  Posted at 6:52 am Aug 19th

    All the photos of your glamest photoshots ever the new Jenneration baby!!

  44. avatar
    ForeverJenners |  Posted at 8:09 am Aug 19th

    please check out my blog! its all about you and kendall!!

  45. avatar
    ForeverJenners |  Posted at 9:40 am Aug 19th

    I’d love it if you picked my blog so much i love you guys!!!

  46. KendallMafia |  Posted at 12:12 pm Aug 19th
  47. avatar
    KeepingUpWithTheJennerSisters |  Posted at 8:36 pm Aug 19th

    Hi I hope you can check out my tumblr one day! (: please leave me a message on that tumblr if you ever visit my blog that would mean alot to me <3 Also I've been trying to contact you on my facebook to ask question's for my tumblr blog hopefully you'll reply one day! ^—^ check it out.

  48. danielagalicia |  Posted at 10:41 pm Aug 19th hope you like it, love from Mexico!! xx

  49. Yvonne Zerrythynn On |  Posted at 5:45 am Aug 20th

    please view mine Ken and ky!! <3

  50. kalifornia-koolness |  Posted at 1:52 pm Aug 20th it would mean the world if you picked me! <3

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