Our Dominican Republic Music Video!

Kardashian Jenner Family Film Music Video in Dominican Republic

Heys guys. Here’s our latest family music video to Hypnotize by Notorious B.I.G.!!! We might get some hate but who cares, we had fun doing it! Hope you guys don’t take this too seriously! :D Love you allllllll!!!! ENJOY 

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    shanice09 |  Posted at 1:38 am Jun 14th

    I loved this video!i literally fell off my chair from laughing!

    • adnresfr1 |  Posted at 11:31 am Aug 7th

      i loved this video! ye’re parents are so funny!!!

    • Katie Abell-Keeton |  Posted at 9:50 am Sep 1st

      bravo bravo once i heard you make music videos on keeping up with the kardashians i couldnt wait to see it xxxx

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    Rachel Lynch |  Posted at 4:40 am Jun 16th

    Ye’re PARENTS are so funny !! L O L ;)

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    jessicarobinson |  Posted at 9:46 am Jun 17th


  4. Amo Tihi |  Posted at 9:57 pm Jun 17th

    yous guys are so hilarious this was sent from new zealand im your guys biggest fan literally i love yous please reply…:))

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    Domincian Princess |  Posted at 7:52 am Jun 18th

    I so want to go to Dominican Republic!!!

  6. Coti Luongo |  Posted at 6:13 pm Jun 18th

    omg your family is so funny!!

  7. Kdoll |  Posted at 4:11 am Jun 20th

    You guys are hotter than summer!!!!!!

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    ambie31 |  Posted at 10:23 pm Jun 23rd

    u guys are so funny!

  9. Lou Harper |  Posted at 12:26 pm Jun 24th

    Kylie, you think being beautiful, acting like that ? You deserve all the hate you receive, that’s it.

    • avatar
      knpoll10 |  Posted at 12:51 pm Jul 3rd

      you think you can be so rude like that?? You are gonna have so much karma coing back to you it isnt even funny! Why are you even a memeber if all your gonna do is hate on Kylie? They are both amazing..

    • avatar
      oliviaw |  Posted at 5:59 pm Jul 5th

      if you hate her soo much why are you comenting on their stuff soo much . gosh your profile photo looks like your a little girl and you have a mouth. much
      just sayin

    • avatar
      kayla |  Posted at 7:35 pm Jul 5th

      UR SO RUDE

    • avatar
      jelly |  Posted at 8:13 pm Jul 7th

      You are so rude its not even funny. Like seriously making rude comments on here is so annoying of you to do. This website is for fans of Kendell AND Kylie so if you don’t like Kylie why do you have an account? Just so you can trash it? Just keep your rude comments to yourself because nobody wants to hear what mean stuff you have to say. BOTH Kendell AND Kylie are amazing!

    • HannahPacot |  Posted at 10:45 pm Jul 13th

      If you hate it so much than why did you even watch it?? You are just doing that because your jealous of all of them… Kylie DON’T pay any attention to that person or whoever doubts you and your family!!

    • avatar
      kendall9284 |  Posted at 1:19 pm Aug 6th

      she dosent deserve the ate and neither does te family so shut it

  10. karina |  Posted at 12:41 pm Jun 24th

    hahahahaha , love this video

  11. Lou Harper |  Posted at 8:47 am Jun 26th

    You’re the biggest slut i have ever seen.

    • Kelly Ng |  Posted at 10:18 am Jun 27th

      Lou, you think you can make fun of people like that? You should have karma coming to you later in life, that’s it.
      Are you calling her a slut, because she’s wearing a bikini or something? Cause just to clear things up they all are, except the guys.
      I love both of them as a fan and its really mean how you’re making fun of Kylie on the internet! My opinion is that I don’t think it makes Kendall really happy either, cause its her own sister and they love eachother..

    • avatar
      kayla |  Posted at 7:36 pm Jul 5th


    • Luckylol Wardell |  Posted at 12:25 am Jul 11th

      She is? Look at yourself

    • avatar
      oliviaw |  Posted at 7:13 pm Jul 27th

      your a little shit! ^^

    • avatar
      oliviaw |  Posted at 7:14 pm Jul 27th

      the lou girl

    • avatar
      kendallandkileyfan |  Posted at 3:01 am Jan 14th

      if you don’t like them then why did you sign up???? rude ass bitch you need t o delete your account

  12. missdiva16 |  Posted at 10:09 pm Jun 26th

    i love yall that video is so funny and i love when kim and kourtey was been sexy

  13. missdiva16 |  Posted at 10:10 pm Jun 26th

    ROB look so sexy and fine

  14. Lou Harper |  Posted at 1:52 pm Jun 27th

    Kelly Ng stop being even more ridiculous. Stop it with me, i’m not your friend, i’m not kidding with you.
    Take care of your ass, my dear.

  15. Kelly Ng |  Posted at 10:43 am Jun 28th

    Lou i’m not being ridiculous, all i’m trying to say is its mean how your making fun of Kylie.. She has never done anything to you..
    && i’m pretty sure i know that we’re not friends.. I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone so mean anyways..
    let’s just leave it at that, i don’t want to start something over the internet!
    Just have some respect for Kendall and Kylie cause i’m pretty sure they have done nothing wrong to you. k, thats pretty much all i need to say.

  16. avatar
    griselda |  Posted at 2:55 pm Jun 28th

    Kylie and kendall are beautiful let them enjoy it :)

  17. Lou Harper |  Posted at 2:31 am Jun 29th

    I loved kendall and kylie. BEFORE. They really change, and think they are the biggest stars in Hollywood.
    And i’m not making fun of them, I’m just saying the truth.

    • HannahPacot |  Posted at 10:47 pm Jul 13th

      yeah right they are pretty, nice, and intelligent!

  18. Kelly Ng |  Posted at 11:06 am Jun 29th

    Ok then, it’s your opinion, so i’m not gonna say anything about that. && Yes i know they’ve changed, but everyone changes, so its a natural thing.

  19. Lásia Luana |  Posted at 10:33 am Jul 2nd

    OMG kourtney is the cuttest pregnant EVER!
    Kendall and kylie’s friends are beautiful just like then :D I love this family!!!!!

    • Fazal Mehmood |  Posted at 9:05 am Oct 27th

      yes she is so beautiful

  20. avatar
    Heyitsme |  Posted at 6:48 pm Jul 2nd

    Stop oversexualizing yourselves! You are kids dressed in a tiny bikini shaking your butts for a camera! Learn some modesty and self respect!

    • HannahPacot |  Posted at 10:48 pm Jul 13th

      Just if you don’t have anything to say don’t say it at all people!!

  21. Lou Harper |  Posted at 8:18 am Jul 3rd

    Thanks Heyitsme.

  22. avatar
    margie |  Posted at 1:49 pm Jul 4th

    OMG that music video is so amazing and hilarious at the same time!! i wish i was apart of that trip it looked like a total blast!!!! not to mention that song is amazing. Great job for making that video, everytime i attempt to make a video they fail! BUT when kylie and kendall make them they are awesome and it takes talent

    • avatar
      kayla |  Posted at 7:40 pm Jul 5th


  23. kylie<3 |  Posted at 2:28 pm Jul 5th

    Inlove with ur family! Especially Scott anf kourtney <3
    … Kylie is fricken amazing.

  24. avatar
    kayla |  Posted at 7:39 pm Jul 5th


  25. Ama BiBi |  Posted at 2:41 am Jul 8th

    funy u areee! u all!!!!!! biggest fan from Romaniaa!!!

  26. avatar
    Ayebale Angella |  Posted at 11:03 pm Jul 13th

    I love the family

  27. khloekourtkimkenky123 |  Posted at 1:49 pm Jul 14th

    i love this :)

  28. Lou Harper |  Posted at 1:28 pm Jul 15th

    Hannah Pacot, take care of your ass, stupid girl. So much slut here.. #BIATCHH.

    OMG, everyone should close his fuckin’ mouth, it’s ridiculous now.

  29. Mariah Waquie Castillo |  Posted at 9:22 am Jul 19th

    I would say this video is inappropriate, rather than a funny family music video. The Kardashian/Jenner family are blessed with so much and wish they would relize that. Kendall and Kylie are such beautiful and amazing girls and have a potential to be more then just expensive cloths, nice cars and fame. Love Kendall and Kylie and the whole family!:)

  30. Nancy Najonga Jino |  Posted at 4:06 pm Jul 24th

    I just love anything u guys make

  31. avatar
    Aileen101 |  Posted at 9:33 pm Jul 28th

    omg love et so much <3

  32. Vanessie_ |  Posted at 5:31 pm Jul 31st

    Ohhh my gosh!! that was so funny! love it

  33. lola_atruesmile |  Posted at 6:44 am Aug 1st

    lol its cool and funny love u guys:):):):):):
    i love it 1000000000%

  34. Dudu Lyra |  Posted at 6:53 pm Aug 1st

    my mom was w me when i watch the video, and she was like.. holy shit, dudu whatahell r u watching… and i was like… oops

  35. mmmkylieandkendall |  Posted at 5:58 am Aug 3rd

    cant wait to see kendall and kylie getting bent over and pounded on vid:)

  36. Julia Clark |  Posted at 9:02 pm Aug 7th

    I love them

  37. Julia Clark |  Posted at 9:05 pm Aug 7th

    Lou Harper your such a bitch. And plus your like 8. Slut

  38. jade |  Posted at 10:52 am Aug 9th

    i love that video

  39. BreBriggs777 |  Posted at 4:22 pm Aug 10th

    i like all of the videos that their families make! they are beautiful not matter what! enough said.

    • Charly Thea |  Posted at 4:28 am Aug 11th

      I love all the videos that they create a family! they are beautiful no matter what! enough said. as did I really like the video that they made and they publish!

  40. avatar
    4StarKing |  Posted at 1:45 am Aug 11th

    =] <3 Love

  41. avatar
    hanan77 |  Posted at 5:23 pm Aug 13th

    i love u i wish i was in thier family

  42. Sarah Stevens |  Posted at 5:28 pm Aug 13th

    I love all your music videos!! You and your family are all so beautiful and funny. Cant wait for the next one =)

  43. Chloe Lawrence |  Posted at 5:02 pm Aug 14th

    love this video great work girls such a cool family x

  44. Judithsac Isaac Pabon |  Posted at 1:00 pm Aug 16th

    I knew it that was Kim’s butt …jajaja!! your family is hilarious and Scott kills me in d video. Forget the haters…enjoy your life :D

  45. Luisa Toro |  Posted at 1:55 pm Aug 21st

    stop hating….this was pretty cool you girls are BEAUTIFUL!

  46. sophia34004 |  Posted at 3:19 pm Aug 21st

    well done!! you did amazing with that video i loved it!!xx

  47. sophia34004 |  Posted at 3:20 pm Aug 21st

    i’m so jealous you’ve got such an amazing family!

  48. avatar
    Ylilanna |  Posted at 2:59 am Aug 24th

    Don’t hate Kylie she’s AMAZING!!!

  49. Reece Murphree |  Posted at 12:10 pm Aug 27th

    shut up people u have no lifes the kardashians are the BEST<3 kendell and kylie are butiitfull<3

  50. GlamorousTiah |  Posted at 5:59 pm Aug 28th

    LMAOOOO lOVE ever secound of this video…..rotfll at mom at the end…..were’s my music M***er F***er.

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