I’m So Flattered!!!!

Kendall Jenner Asked To Prom By Michigan Teen

I just saw this video on YouTube and I am so unbelievably flattered!!! Thank you so much for thinking of me, Balraj. While I would love to say yes, my schedule makes it hard for me to plan big trips like that, so I regretfully have to decline :(. But thank you again for that amazing video. Whoever you do end up taking is one lucky girl!!!!

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      cuddlebearLily |  Posted at 1:15 pm Apr 18th

      Awww that’s the sweetest thing ever!! Kendall even though you can’t make it you should hang out with him sometime.

    2. avatar
      snyaga |  Posted at 2:25 pm Apr 18th

      cuddlebearLily is right!You should! :) He seems like a sweet guy!!
      Maybe when you free,you could host a Mini-Fake-Prom,and be his date!!
      #That would be really sweet#

    3. Rishi Jethi |  Posted at 4:18 pm Apr 18th

      Awwww :(! You’re the man doeee, Balraj!

    4. avatar
      arabella |  Posted at 4:30 pm Apr 18th

      disappointed you didn’t say yes, you should still go out to dinner with him or something!

    5. avatar
      Erikk |  Posted at 4:33 pm Apr 18th

      Kendal, that was a cool message that you sent. I like that even though you could not attend that you still took the time to send out a thank you message (and by giving that guy a shout out). You are a real class act!

    6. Mohit Hipmo Asthana |  Posted at 6:32 pm Apr 18th

      I think she’s racist. She probably said no because he had a turban.

      • Olivia Wall |  Posted at 4:12 pm Apr 25th

        don’t be so stupid , shes not being racist at all its the decision she chose. She’s a busy young lady so accusing her of being racist is pathetic.

      • avatar
        ashleecarr1 |  Posted at 1:21 am May 18th

        Thats horrible Kendall is one of the most loving and down to earth girls there are, and a very busy one to Kendall is no way racist! thats just pathetic! xxx

      • Malachi Coleman |  Posted at 7:02 pm May 18th

        religion doesnt mean anything! unless you live in ireland :)

      • Malachi Coleman |  Posted at 7:03 pm May 18th

        like ido :) …..why does it say 7pm when its 3 am?

      • Katherine Marin |  Posted at 12:31 am Jun 18th

        You’re an idiot! She’s not racist, she’s so sweet and such a great and beautiful young lady.

      • Micke Brown |  Posted at 4:08 am Aug 14th

        Don’t say it! She isn’t racist.

    7. Paul Hoving |  Posted at 6:52 pm Apr 18th

      Come on man, i’m sure ethnicity has nothing to do with it. Being a celebrity teen has got to be a hectic lifestyle, on top of the stresses of school. Thank you Kendall for the unfortunate, but sweet response. I attend school with Balraj, and I know your response meant a lot to both him and our school. :) I pray that school not be too much of a pain and that you succeed in all you strive to achieve! :) God Bless :)

    8. daz_kriti |  Posted at 8:25 pm Apr 18th

      hy proud of you balraj____________always make india proud_______________i wish i can be that lucky girl_________________________<3

    9. Kdoll |  Posted at 6:23 am Apr 19th

      Omg, what a sweet guy!!!! Im sure kendall would love to go with you but unfortunately the distance is causing you trouble. TT_TT

    10. avatar
      Albert Folasa-Sua |  Posted at 8:32 pm Apr 19th

      Go With Him :) What story to tell your kids.
      I could picture him singing Summer Nights from Grease haha

    11. avatar
      ST |  Posted at 1:49 am Apr 20th

      how lucky balraj is, a sweet video. ummm if i were a boy I would make a lot of videos just to invite a gorgeous girl like kendall jenner but probably not for prom but just dinner haha LOL. i love the way u appreciate Ur fans kendall..:))

    12. avatar
      Shudia Forgol |  Posted at 2:33 am Apr 20th

      thats so cute babe his 1 sweet boy to do this hard work and your such a lucky girl kendall!!!

    13. Australia1996 |  Posted at 3:56 am Apr 20th

      thats so nice of you Kendall to give out a shout out

    14. avatar
      gaby85615 |  Posted at 2:15 pm Apr 20th

      You should hang out with him one day at least he looks like he would be flattered

    15. avatar
      dashidash |  Posted at 7:18 am Apr 21st

      he’s soooo cute !!!! i think you should just meet him and have a lunch or somethin…. really !!!but it’s your choice anyways !!!
      love yuh doll!!!

    16. Lilly Flower |  Posted at 12:35 pm Apr 21st

      no way is Kendall racist, that comment should be taken down. Kendall is the sweetest, i’m sure she’d go if she wasnt busy. I mean, who wouldnt wanna be taken to prom by a guy as sweet as that? xoxox love you Kendall!!!!!!!

    17. Tarek Sahnoun |  Posted at 5:25 am Apr 24th

      i hope so that Kylie prom with me, love you kylieeeeeee xoxox .

    18. YourDestiny84 |  Posted at 11:12 am Apr 24th

      TOO freakin’ cute!!!

      @Luv_ALL_Kardash AKA @YourDestiny84!

    19. avatar
      gabbychavez13 |  Posted at 7:53 pm May 1st

      kendall why wiuld you say no i know your schedule is tight but that is one of his special nights thats so sad you two look great together thats to bad maybe you can go out sometime or even hangout follow me on twiter @gabbychavez13

    20. avatar
      ibeaimee |  Posted at 6:33 pm May 11th


    21. EmiliaDlove |  Posted at 2:13 am May 15th

      OMGGGG this is the sweetest video ever!!!! I wish you could go, it would for sure be soooo much fun :)
      I keep hearing Borat instead of Balraj LOL

    22. Tiffany Blair Register |  Posted at 5:09 pm May 15th

      Aww, that’s so sweet! I wish you could’ve went with him, but I understand you’re a super busy girl.

    23. Malachi Coleman |  Posted at 7:00 pm May 18th

      i prob could never do what he just done….i would just stand and start going red untill i ether smashed the camera or they didnt mind me not doing it…..so congrats to you and i believe kendall should hook up with you sometime :L

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    26. Kristine Inglis |  Posted at 6:05 pm Jul 17th

      this is too sweet… <3

    27. kendallandkyliefanforever |  Posted at 3:51 am Jul 31st

      OMG so sweet xx

    28. jade |  Posted at 11:27 am Aug 9th

      woow so sweet

    29. Chloe Lawrence |  Posted at 5:06 pm Aug 14th

      that was so sweet x

    30. sophia34004 |  Posted at 3:22 am Aug 22nd

      awww i think thats cute xx

    31. swagthebest |  Posted at 8:32 am Oct 21st

      awwwwwwwwww so freken cute kendall said no bad choice go ask kylie shell be falltered she might say yes

    32. avatar
      Ericka-fan234 |  Posted at 3:06 am Jan 13th

      Sweet guy . But if you can’t make it kendall you can’t make it

    33. avatar
      dom singh |  Posted at 10:15 am Apr 27th

      Kendall you should meet up with up and somehow clear u schedule for a day. c’mon balraj do it for us singhs !

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