White Sands Australia Look Book Shoot

I recently did a shoot for this amazing swimwear company, White Sands Australia, for their Spring 2012 look book and I can finally reveal the pics! This was my first professional swimwear shoot and I got to wear the most gorgeous bathing suits and cute coverups… what do you guys think of the pics?

You can follow them on Twitter at @WhiteSandsSwim!

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    Kendra |  Posted at 7:59 am Feb 23rd

    I’m seriously in love with this photoshoot Kendall you look gorgeous <3

    • @Kardash_ireland |  Posted at 10:40 am Feb 24th

      Hey Kendall,

      Stunning line and the pictures are amazing.

    • avatar
      Moses Micheal |  Posted at 7:21 pm Feb 25th

      I’m crazy about this picture.

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    SarahNicole |  Posted at 8:53 am Feb 23rd

    You look amazingly beautiful Kendall I love your legzzz

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    KardashianKueen |  Posted at 9:08 am Feb 23rd

    For everything Kardashian follow me on Twitter, and if you follow and then let me know you found me on here you will get:

  4. LoLa |  Posted at 10:16 am Feb 23rd

    You look so pretty Kendall its unbelievable! Love it xo

  5. Damaris Melendez |  Posted at 10:23 am Feb 23rd

    I like this piece, you did a great job!

  6. MassieBlock |  Posted at 10:36 am Feb 23rd

    Ah mazing bikinis, ah dorable model :)

  7. avatar
    Natasha |  Posted at 1:19 pm Feb 23rd

    The makeup kinda makes you look a little dead in the face – the lipstick. But overall your gorgeous! Loved the photoshoot (:

  8. avatar
    BrittanyD |  Posted at 1:41 pm Feb 23rd

    Wooow amazing photoshoot

  9. DivaRags SuaveClothing |  Posted at 2:56 pm Feb 23rd

    I think the swimwear is a bit too much for your age. Don’t rush into growing up too fast, you’ve got a bright future just enjoy your youth while you can. Don’t be swayed by adults who are focused on just making money-god bless.

  10. Leah Madden |  Posted at 4:07 pm Feb 23rd

    All these styles can be pre-ordered now for March delivery. Check out the full collection at- whitesands1.cart.net.au/store/collections/ss12pirouette/

  11. Charles Kelly |  Posted at 4:11 pm Feb 23rd

    Make sure to let everyone know the name of the photographer who did such a great job – LA based photographer, Paul Smith.

    (little photo credits under the shots would be a good idea)

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    mymycha |  Posted at 2:13 am Feb 24th

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  13. Kdoll |  Posted at 4:59 am Feb 24th

    Your body is to die for! xx

  14. Australia1996 |  Posted at 4:59 am Feb 24th

    so gorgeous and you look so classy by the way LOVE YOUR CAR!

  15. avatar
    soph |  Posted at 11:33 pm Feb 25th

    You look absolutely fab doll, i’m so jeaalous of ur bod.
    Also wanted to know when u are going to ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS of the KARDASHIAN KOLORS kontest

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    tingtingtt |  Posted at 12:11 am Feb 26th
  17. avatar
    ceslk |  Posted at 5:51 am Feb 26th

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  18. Kaia Kjersheim |  Posted at 6:22 am Feb 26th

    wow, the pictures are beautiful!

  19. Ylfa Úlfsdóttir Grönvold |  Posted at 10:18 am Feb 29th
  20. Tiffany Trevor |  Posted at 4:41 pm Mar 2nd

    omg you look stunning kendall! pretty pictures! <3

  21. Niesha Hunter |  Posted at 5:17 pm Mar 5th

    Doll, your are soo pretty! You look amazing!!!

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