Kendall & Kylie Clothing Line Sneak Peek

Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner Clothing Line Picture
Here’s another sneak peek of our line!

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    wonderlove1213 |  Posted at 3:57 pm Nov 20th

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    Devinnnoxo |  Posted at 6:55 pm Nov 20th

    Loving the picture girls, you girls should totally Ustream for your fans again it was funny the first & second time!

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    stephp44 |  Posted at 8:23 pm Nov 21st

    omg looks amazing! cannot wait! hopefully it’ll be available in Australia? you girls are amazing <3 xxx

  5. Marianne Botero Donado |  Posted at 4:11 pm Dec 12th

    love the skirt, and Jacket and all, you both look beautiful, Girls :D

  6. Hannah Parkin |  Posted at 2:49 pm Jan 9th

    hey guys i think your amazing and was woundering how you stay fit

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