Kurv Magazine Preview

Just shot with @NomadRJ for April issue @KurvMagazine. Thanks @chumashmuseum for having us – learned so much!

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  1. CBSharpe |  Posted at 11:44 am Jan 21st

    Annoying that you’re so perfect and am not dating you

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      jenniar56 |  Posted at 1:06 pm Jan 21st

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      ssee |  Posted at 3:15 pm Jan 21st

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  2. dsgdkghuy346 |  Posted at 11:59 pm Jan 21st

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    ST |  Posted at 9:43 pm Jan 28th

    strong pic but ur eyez looks weak hun. ummm #justsayin :)

  4. Xavier Sweeney |  Posted at 4:59 am Jan 26th

    I like you Kendall but can be honest that hair style I don’t like but your still hot to me and ur still my favorite girl ive been so busy with school im graduating this year so its been finical struggle with paying my student loans back but with gods help nothing cant overcome

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