Kylie Thinks I’m Her Driver

Kendall Jenner Kylie Thinks Im Her Driver Instagram Photo

She sits in the back because she thinks I’m her driver.

You can see more of my Instagram pics here.

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    shanice09 |  Posted at 1:35 am Jun 14th

    lol soon she’ll have her driver’s license then you can relax a bit……

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    Rachel Lynch |  Posted at 4:31 am Jun 16th

    Ha :D

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    lizgal66 |  Posted at 10:58 am Jun 16th

    omg she is so pretty i want to be her!

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    destinee mustari |  Posted at 7:36 pm Jun 16th


  5. Cami Laborde |  Posted at 1:15 pm Jun 17th

    lollll i love you ⛳⛳⛳⛳⛳

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    laurakp |  Posted at 2:44 am Jun 18th

    Kendall and kylie, do you guys ever do autograph signings? If you do when will you be doing them?

  7. Kdoll |  Posted at 4:11 am Jun 20th

    You’ve got a very pretty driver kylie!

  8. Lou Harper |  Posted at 2:01 pm Jun 22nd

    Kylie’s obsession with fame, posting a million and one photos of herself pouting, posting photos of her thousands of dollars worth of shoes, the “kylienators”, always asking her followers to trend random things makes her really unlikable,, self-obsessed and bratty.
    All at 14 years old..

    • avatar
      Nathan Smith |  Posted at 10:05 am Jun 23rd

      Wow… that is really messed up (what lou harper said)

    • Kelly Ng |  Posted at 10:11 am Jun 27th

      I swear like every single post i see that you’re talking shit about Kylie.. it’s embarrassing and ridiculous how you have nothing better to do in your life than talk shit about Kylie. I agree with Nathan Smith, that is really messed up! If you don’t like Kylie than don’t go to this website! If you haven’t noticed it’s KENDALL AND KYLIE’S website.

    • kylie<3 |  Posted at 6:52 am Jul 4th

      15 Mate.

    • kylie<3 |  Posted at 2:05 pm Jul 5th

      My love goes out to you Kelly Ng, I totally agree!

    • avatar |  Posted at 7:48 pm Jul 20th

      You don’t now what you r talking about you don’t eaven now sher or thim

  9. Lou Harper |  Posted at 1:42 pm Jun 27th

    Kelly Ng YOU are ridiculous. I don’t say shit about her, but what i’m thinking about this slut. It’s different . Yes, I hate Kylie, but I love Kendall, so I stay. She deserve ALL the hate she receive, that’s it darling.

  10. Kelly Ng |  Posted at 10:49 am Jun 28th

    She doesn’t deserve hate at all, she has done nothing wrong to any of her fans or “haters”. It’s just sad.. & ok fine write whatever you think about Kylie than, cause i just want to see their pics and stuff, just thought that it was mean what you said about her.
    && on your other posts, i saw that you said kendall and kylie are not model material, or at least something close to that.
    k, thats pretty much it, um..byee?

  11. Lou Harper |  Posted at 2:27 am Jun 29th

    Of course she deserve all the hate she receive, there is a reason. Kylie is manipulative, self-centered, and you’re naive.

  12. Kelly Ng |  Posted at 11:04 am Jun 29th

    You know what just stfu and leave it at that ok.
    Cause i just want to enjoy their pics & stuff so yea…

  13. kylie<3 |  Posted at 6:51 am Jul 4th

    Haha, My sister is going to be mine soon ;) <3

    • kylie<3 |  Posted at 2:08 pm Jul 5th

      Sorry to interrupt ur little agurment guys “/

  14. avatar
    kkklove |  Posted at 1:24 pm Jul 10th

    ha my older sis is my driver! not for much longer though! and kylie AND kendall are both amazing!

  15. Luckylol Wardell |  Posted at 12:15 am Jul 11th

    She looks so cute with them glasses too

  16. avatar |  Posted at 2:19 pm Jul 20th

    You look prits I like what you got on wher didd you get your phone frome I live by you

  17. avatar
    Aileen101 |  Posted at 9:38 pm Jul 28th

    I love you so much kylie

  18. jade |  Posted at 10:54 am Aug 9th

    one word FABULOUS

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