Love You Lam!

Kendall Jenner Lamar Odom

Presents from Lamar! Isn’t he the sweetest?!

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    jesuiszam |  Posted at 5:57 am Sep 29th

    hey! it would be pretty awesome if you replied to this comment or checked out my tumblr and followed : :) i love you both x

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    maddyberry1 |  Posted at 8:24 am Sep 30th

    Hey! My name is Madelin Berry and I would really appreciate if you guys would repsond back to me! I am a huge fan, and would love to meet you guys. I am 16 years old and would also like to model with or for you guys. I am 5’11 and 120lbs. Brown haired and blue eyed, I cn send pics if need be. Please repsond back, thank you!

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    Hannah123 |  Posted at 3:06 pm Sep 30th

    Hey Kendall and Kylie! I love you guys so much! Actuals i do :) LOL i watch keeping up with the kardashins all the time! We have to buy the DVDS of it from a store in town that sellws them cause it doesnt come on tv here in New Zealand! :( Sooooo depressing ae??? Anyways my names Sophie Laugesen and im 13 but im 14 in 35 days :) And It’d be a dream come true to hear from you guys:) You could email me an i could give you my address and even a letter in the mail would be mean as! I’d frame it and hang it in my room! ily so much :):):) xx Love Yah

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    Hannah123 |  Posted at 3:06 pm Sep 30th

    J,W- What was the present??? :)x

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    KardashianandJennerlover |  Posted at 6:16 pm Sep 30th

    Beautiful bag Kendall, Lamar is such a sweet guy xoxox

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    fangirl1998 |  Posted at 6:30 pm Sep 30th

    I know you definetley get this a lot, (but one more wont hurt :) I absolutely love you guys so much and i would do anything to meet you guys! I live in North Carolina which is very far from calabasas, but for my 16th birthday im flying out there and hopefully i can see you guys :) You both are so gorgeous, and you are my idols. Although people may think you get your fame from your other 3 sisters, I believe that you get it from just being you, you guys are amazing models which makes me love you guys even more! I would love to do the things you guys do in your lives. I watch all your Keeks and they are hilarious. All of your youtube videos I have probably watched 5 times each, my friends get so annoyed because I show it to them (for like the 3rd time) and I recite all the lines :) Thank you guys so much for being such a good inspiration, and even if you dont reply to this, I would love to know somehow that you read this.

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