Meet Our New Best Friends!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Meet Sophia Grace and Rosie at Wango Tango

Sophia Grace and Rosie!!! So cute!

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  1. Cheri Murphy-Hinton |  Posted at 4:36 pm May 13th

    Cute girls, but I am kinda getting sick of seeing them everywhere. My daughter would love to hang out with you young ladies, too. She is a huge fan!!

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    1997kdashjennerlover4ever |  Posted at 5:43 pm May 13th
  3. Tiffany Trevor |  Posted at 9:21 pm May 13th

    awhh sophia grace and rosie are so cute! <3

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    Erikk |  Posted at 5:26 am May 14th

    That is a cool pic.

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    ST |  Posted at 10:13 am May 14th

    yay the rapper lil’ girl’s show up, i love love sophia grace n rosie and u guys are so cuteee

  6. EmiliaDlove |  Posted at 1:52 am May 15th

    So cute :) they could be your little sisters! <3

  7. higherlovee |  Posted at 8:49 am May 15th

    awww soo cute !! you both look gorgeous ! as always ! <3 <3

  8. Kdoll |  Posted at 2:55 am May 17th

    Sucha cutieeeeeeeeee!

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