Meet Our New Rescue Pup!!!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Adopt Puppy

Jackson Odom Jenner everybody!

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  1. FilipTosic |  Posted at 12:05 pm Aug 29th

    This is beautiful!!!Kendall you are my reason to live,i seriously can cry
    sometimes cause i dont know you…i want to know you and be with you…Love you and nothing can change that…you are the reason why im moving to L.A….And youre the most beautiful girl and you have the best personalities!!<333333333

  2. CBSharpe |  Posted at 1:43 pm Aug 29th

    He’s actually so cute!

  3. Debbie Ashton |  Posted at 3:44 pm Aug 29th

    She/He is BEAUTIFUL! Remember, sh/he is for life…….please take good care of him/her. XO

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    1997kdashjennerlover4ever |  Posted at 6:06 pm Aug 29th
  5. kteam |  Posted at 6:51 pm Aug 29th

    awwwwwwh, jackson is SO cute <3333

  6. Rhona Tolentino |  Posted at 8:34 am Aug 30th

    oh thats good like what i did too i adot a puppy w/ o home … love it

  7. Rhona Tolentino |  Posted at 8:39 am Aug 30th

    he / she so cute and he/she need a family keep it the good work Kyllie and Kendall

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    ST |  Posted at 1:03 am Aug 31st

    he’s cute.. umm u hv a big hearttt :D

  9. KKCaelen |  Posted at 9:12 am Aug 31st

    Aww, how cute!

  10. Jo Anna Kalber |  Posted at 5:46 pm Sep 3rd

    What happened to all of the past pups??????

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    lovethejennerfam |  Posted at 2:58 am Sep 4th

    Wow u guys are just perfect now aren’t u….last night i cried my self to sleep because i will never meet u and be like u…my parents dont know i watch keeping up with the kardashians<3 but i love it!! I LOVE U so much, and i have designed my room to be just like kylies…except the closet….i dont have as many pairs of shoes and clothes u do…..COME TO NC….OPEN UP A STORE IN NC

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    Ylilanna |  Posted at 10:40 am Sep 4th

    He is soooo cute. We love how you got him from a rescue centre!! ;) xxxx

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