Meet Us at The Mirage!

Hey guys! This Saturday, December 15, Kendall and I are hosting a meet and greet at Kardashian Khaos in The Mirage Hotel. If you’re going to be in Vegas on Saturday, we’d love to meet you! :)

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    clairelovesthejennersisters |  Posted at 2:32 pm Dec 13th

    can you come to miami ?

  2. Stephanie Paykuss |  Posted at 3:16 pm Dec 13th

    Can you come to Boston?

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    jada_rivera |  Posted at 3:02 pm Dec 15th

    Please look at my comments! I really wanted to meet you, and I was EXTREMELY disapointed when it was too expensive.. I could come back to the strip tomorrow?! PLEASE RESPOND!

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    jada_rivera |  Posted at 4:50 pm Dec 15th

    I really hope I can meet you! Just really quick ill take a picture! PLEASE RESPOND

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