Messy Messy

Kendall Jenner Messy Messy Instagram Photo

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  1. Yummih Chickehn |  Posted at 6:59 pm Jul 31st


  2. Mason Sean Carter |  Posted at 12:03 am Aug 1st

    Its pretty and artistic

  3. avatar
    Erikk |  Posted at 10:18 am Aug 1st

    I’m guessing this was for your new photo shoot in NYC. Looks very interesting. You look pretty as usual.

  4. mmmkylieandkendall |  Posted at 5:51 am Aug 3rd

    she had better get used to being covered in hot white sticky goo

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    ST |  Posted at 6:39 am Aug 6th

    the lotion isnt messy but ur eyes will caused the messy haha u still look fab! love u kendall :D

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