Kendall Jenner Poses for Fashions Night Out Beverly Center

My mom posted a pic of my two-page spread in the current Hollywood Reporter! This is for the upcoming Fashion’s Night Out on September 6 at the Beverly Center– so exciting!!! Thanks for the shout-out, Mom!

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    StevenAzofeifa |  Posted at 10:30 am Aug 27th

    Ive got a question for @KendallJenner Whats the dream guy for you ?

    • Yanica Rosemarie |  Posted at 7:55 am Aug 29th

      Your mom is awesome, seems like she works super hard for you ladies.

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    kardash_jenner_crazy_xx |  Posted at 11:05 am Aug 27th

    that’s so sweet of your mum! she seams so lovely! i hope you dont mind but i was wondering if you could please check out my tumblr? thanks doll xxxxx

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    Jennerocity |  Posted at 11:39 am Aug 27th

    You look beautiful! I hope Kylie had a wonderful birthday too! Sorry I haven’t been on in a while…

  4. FilipTosic |  Posted at 1:57 pm Aug 27th

    This is the best inspiration in my life,she is the most beautiful girl ever,she has the best family and life,hopefully i will meet her one day!<333333

  5. hania17 |  Posted at 10:53 am Aug 28th

    I have seen it on instagram (hania_17) already..your mom is so sweet

  6. kardashiankrazy2000 |  Posted at 10:04 pm Aug 28th

    Your mom is AMZING love you guys. So you should come around to N.Z and hang out arounfd here we would love to have you!!!!!

  7. CBSharpe |  Posted at 5:38 am Aug 29th

    You’re actually perfect :)

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